Two Reported Shootings at New Brunswick Apartments

On October 7, 2015, three or four gunshots were made in the New Brunswick Apartments area. At least one person was injured and rushed to Robert Woods Johnson University Hospital. The victim was reportedly transported to the hospital in a dark-colored Honda. It has been stated that the location has been a high crime spot for the past several years.


The armed suspect was reported to be dressed in a hoodie and fled toward the Neilson Street area afterward. The next day, police found bullet shell casings in the vicinity of the first building of the Apartments.


The New Brunswick Police Department reported that the shooting occurred in the vicinity of the first Building at the Apartments. The complex contains 206 units and is across the street from Rutgers University Police Departments.


Most criminal incidents at the New Brunswick Apartments are said to involve theft and shooting crimes. Many injuries have been the result of illegal ownership of firearms.


Another similar incident that occurred around that area was on May 7, 2013. A pizza delivery man tried to deliver a pizza to a room in Building N. However, the resident claimed that they had not ordered any pizza. However, when the man approached his delivery vehicle, three gunmen approached him from behind. They pointed a handgun to his head and demanded money. After they stole the delivery man’s wallet, money and pizza, they were then seen running to a minivan.


Later, police linked Parysh Wood (a.k.a. “P Gun” or “Pistol”) to the shooting via cell phone traces to the location at the time of the crime. He was later charged with violent robbery, obstruction of justice and unlawful weapon use.