The Flourishing Leadership of Kenneth Goodgame

Kenneth Goodgame is the Senior VP and Chief Merchandising Officer at True Value Company where he has been working since 2013. Over the years, Goodgame has amassed a wealth of marketing knowledge that gives him an edge when it comes to marketing strategies. The True Company cooperative has retailers across the US, and Goodgame has been a core contributor to its success, particularly in brand recognition. With a BSc in Marketing from the University of Tennessee, Goodgame has achieved a reputation of building highly successful teams and managing profits and losses.

Innovative Strategies

A notable mark in all his stints at different companies is the innovativeness of the programs to improve the marketing and advertising of an entity. At True Value Company, he established a 4 SKU end cap program that went on to receive support from over 2800 stores, making it one of the most successful. Goodgame also came up with an advertising program that required investments from vendors. Called “pay for play”, the program made it possible for suppliers to buy ad space at the same time providing half the funding for True Value’s national TV budget. 2014 saw True Value appear on television for the first time in ten years. Ken Goodgame also revolutionized the low-performance buying team and instilled an enthusiasm that saw a great improvement in performance. He also restructured the merchandising team in addition to hiring a full category management squad.

The Principal Executive

True to form, he has worked with cross-functional groups at True Value Company to fashion a strategic corporate program that spans 5 years. This plan is meant to furnish the company with long-term growth. Goodgame sees beyond the immediate results with most of his plans implement for future success. The marketing guru has a knack for seeing potential and cashing in with relevant merchandising strategies. Besides his leadership, Goodgame also provides advertising and marketing advice on his website. From the posts, marketing professionals, and company executives get smart business strategies. Kenneth Goodgame has successfully carved a lasting reputation in the retail industry.

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  1. Kenneth Goodgame has shown excellent leadership skills in various capacities. He has proven quite the visionary by collecting ideas and turning them into profitable programs. It is greatly needed to make sure that uk also do what is necessary to get their attention from them all.

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