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Brian Torchin has dedicated his life to helping change the healthcare industry. For this reason, he acts a managing partner at a company based in Philadelphia called Healthcare Staffing Solutions where he focuses on filling employment opportunities available in the healthcare industry by looking for suitable candidates.

He also says that it’s his goal in life to show people in the healthcare industry that they can make a living in other ways other than being a doctor or a nurse. Some of the services that Brian Torchin specializes in include job counseling.

Under this sector, he believes that doctors and nurses are always on the move in search of better jobs and positions. In this process, some lose focus and even get burnt out. It’s his responsibility to advise them on the best course to take other than moving from one job to the other. Another service that Brian Torchin specializes in is the job placement services.

This involves finding opportunities for new openings and connecting them with people who have registered with the company. To be part of his waiting list, you must have registered with his firm where you are expected to pay a small registration fee that goes in the facilitation of these services.

It’s also his responsibility to see that employees are verified before they are posted to any station. This ensures that employees do not lie on their resume and they also don’t hold a conviction record. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

According to Behance, the company that Brian Torchin works for does not turn away prospective employees but tries to match them with available opportunities. Brian Bonar understands the difficulty that medical students have on finding a job in the United States. He, therefore, has a mission of helping all people in the field ranging from nurses to technicians and even doctors.

With social media gaining popularity over the past few years, Brian has maintained social media accounts to bolster his chances of retaining his clients and getting more. For this reason, he has social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Brian is a graduate of the University of Delaware and New York Chiropractic College.

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