Rocketship Education Is A True Pioneer In Education

Rocketship Education is considered a pioneer in education. The name rocket signifies the need to take off and grow. Due to these exceptional schools that is exactly what is happening. Rocketship Education consists of an entire network of public schools. The schools teach grades Kindergarten through fifth. These schools were created to serve mainly neighborhoods with low income students. These kids did not have access to attend any excellent schools.

Rocketship Education combines individual tutoring, new technology and traditional instruction to ensure the specific needs of every student is addressed. They believe an excellent school has the ability to do so much more than educate the students. They believe parents should be engaged, teachers empowered and the communities inspired. Rocketship Education saw the gap in achievement. They have made it their mission to eliminate this gap within their lifetime. These schools were created in 2006 and are continuously innovating and reworking the concept of elementary school.

Rocketship Education continues their rapid expansion. Every year they have opened one to three new schools. They expanded to Nashville during the fall of 2014. They have since received the necessary approval to open more new schools in Indianapolis, DC, Washington, Memphis and New Orleans, Rocketship Education was serving in excess of 25,000 lower income students by 2017 for an astounding impact.

A combination of thirty Analyst and Graduate School Fellows have played an incredibly important role in the operations and expansion of the Rocketship Education expansion since 2008. They have made many important contributions to the schools. As time has passed they have developed new curriculum necessary for programs to provide training for teachers and principles with aspirations for leadership. This has given the schools a strong pipeline for leadership talent within the schools.

Rocketship Education has led yearly planning throughout their network. They have created dashboards for organizational performance to make certain their executive team has the data required to make the decisions that affect the learning of the students. Their projections for the budget regarding the fiscal year came from analyzing the most critical of data and cash flow modeling. This enabled them to make recommendations for the network so even more communities could be served.