Mike Baur- Tech entrepreneur from Switzerland

Mike Baur is one of the people who is dedicated to supporting the startup’s industry in Switzerland. While people in other countries are trying to figure out what is driving the technology industry in Switzerland, the country keeps on rising. Switzerland, unlike other countries, was not affected adversely by the economic recession that recently happened. In fact, the country was developing as other were feeling the heat from the slow economic growth. The secret to Switzerland’s success that many people may not be aware of lies in its ability to tap into new ideas which come through as startups.


The startup industry in the country is doing way better than other countries in the regions. Switzerland has excelled because it has concentrated on mentoring the talents and new ideas which bring new ideas to the market. Startups do not follow what the big corporations are doing. They usually come up with original ideas which offer alternative means of doing things. Startups must distinguish themselves from main corporations, or they won’t succeed. Big corporations have the manpower and financial muscles to tilt sales in their favor. Any startup that hopes to succeed must come up with new brilliant ideas that will convince consumers to stop taking products from the big companies. It is upon the startup owners to ensure that they plan their business so well that they won’t be affected by the big corporations.


Startups have many benefits that they offer to the people. One, they encourage other people who might have ideas but are reluctant to try them out to go ahead and do so. Successful startups inspire more people to seek financial freedom through unique business ideas. Startups also create alternatives for the people. It is possible for one to get customized services or products through startups than with the big corporations. Startups tend to address the needs of the people way better than the international companies.


Mike Baur, a tech entrepreneur in the country, is one of the people who has significantly assisted entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas to implement them. He has a company known as Swiss Startup Factory which mentors and trains people who have brilliant ideas but would like to gain more knowledge on the financial management of a business. Having a business idea and implementing it successfully are two different things. Mike Baur is offering an opportunity to the young entrepreneurs to grow their ideas into profit-making businesses.