Madison Street Capital Brokers a Recapitalization Deal for a Long-time Client

Madison Street Capital, an internationally acclaimed banking organization, engineered a deal with its regulars ARES Security Corporation which is based in Vienna. The agreement was directed by the managing director of Madison Reginald McGaugh. Corbel Structured Equity Partners provided the lesser recapitalization. It was later publicized by the head of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway.


Ben Eazzetta who is a shareholder and also the president acknowledged that it was an honor to work with Ares Security because according to him it was an organization which provides a high-end collection of technology solutions which take care of some of the world’s most critical assets. He also praised their administration staff because of their high ambitions.


He went on to add that he was pleased with how the deal went through including the initial diligence, valuation analysis and finally the process of coming up with capital. He praised them for working extra hard to find them the right partners to finance them which makes them be assured of the future of their investments.


Ares Security was determined that working together with Corbel to innovatively come up with the structure for the investment was the best way to go so as to create a substantial equity value. Its partnership with corbel which has a flexible capital solution and also operational supportive will assist the company to continue with its sales force and also be able to get the most out of new revenue openings with many of Corbel’s contacts.


About Madison Street Capital


It is a global investment banking firm which is committed to excellence, integrity, good leadership and in its provision of services. Some of the services it offers include valuation services to both public and private firms, financial advisory, merger, and acquisition expertise. Those services enable their users to be successful in the world market. In taking new assignments, the company works together with the client to achieve the customer’s goals.


They view upcoming markets as the key factor which controls the growth of the clients, so they put more effort on the critical assets of the market. This, together with their steadfast dedication to the top levels of professional ethics has made the Madison Street Capital reputation soar considerably.


They have their offices across most continents. They have specifically focused on connecting with multiple of firms that operate in middle-market so as to get the best out of every transaction.


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