Lime Crime By Doe Deere Turns Heads

Doe Deere is the maker of a brilliant new line of revolutionary makeup products designed under the desire for positive change in both product and product development to finally take over and bring together a stronger more vibrant overall personality and portrayal of life through makeup and through the way we make it. Desperate for a change in the beauty industry, animal lover and ethics enthusiast, Doe Deere has taken it upon herself to create an astounding line of unique products with creative names like Diamond Crushers and Velvetines amongst other brilliant pieces of makeup iconography all with the well being of animals in mind. Having every single makeup product be completely 100% free of animal testing, animal products, animal byproducts, and animal cruelty, Doe Deere’s line creatively named “Lime Crime” is taking over the beauty scene with a pride and vengeance that demands to be taken seriously. Not only is the Lime Crime brand great for the planet, but it’s also great for your confidence and wallet! Raise your hand if you ever bought what looked like a bold shade and after applying it found that it was wimpy and muted? Let’s be real, every single person just raised their hand. If you buy from Lime Crime that will never be a problem because the creator specifically designed each and every individual product to be explosively dynamic with the most intense colors that she could find. Read more at about Doe Deere. Don’t worry though, the pastels are still around, they just don’t fade into your skin color. Now if you want burnt orange eyes or baby blue you can have them be visible from all the way across the room. Inspiring women and men everywhere who love makeup to stand up and express their personalities without any shame, Doe Deere’s makeup line is creating heads that turn and smile as they admire the colorful personality that you finally have the chance to accurately portray to the universe. Not every animal lover is purely granola and lip balm. There are countless animal lovers who are stressed at the mess of the drugstore hardly having any vegan products that kick ass with highly pigmented products. Now, thanks to Lime Crime your entire face can be bursting with the true colorful beauty of your soul without any apologies to the animals. Check out the website today and find all what perfect products are waiting to be adopted! Read more at

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  1. Working on some quite brilliant plans and a team of people who want to create something is really a lifelong experience so far for me. And I think the lessons service review gives for me is really one that gives a lot of courage an motivation to carry on. The times when I think about Lime Crime what comes to my mind is the passion that needs to into the work as well.

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