Kim Dao Arrives in London

On June 28th, Kim Dao arrived in London, England. She arrived late at night in the Heathrow Airport terminal. She woke at 5am because of the jet lag. Kim Dao is staying with her friends Becky and Kelsey. After some coffee and toast with butter, Kim Dao went shopping with Becky. The two went to lunch at  Heathrow Station and went to a Harry Potter exhibit. Seeing that the line for the Harry Potter exhibit was so long, Dao and Becky decided to come back another day. Learn more:


Kim Dao had planned to have her meet up outside the Kings Cross station on July 2nd. The two friends ordered chips, some cheese pie, and what looked like a French onion with vegetables in a tomato sauce. The two ladies headed for the Harry Potter Studio by way of Watford Station. Becky had something else planned that afternoon, so she did not come along. Dao went to Harry Potter Studios with Amilie, Larissa, and some other people. The Harry Potter Studio tour will be shown in another video. Unfortunately, Kim Dao dropped her camera and cracked the lens. Learn more:


Kim Dao was invited to stay a few nights with Amilie and her family and Pomeranian dog, Teddy. Kim Dao joined Amilie and family for an  Indian dinner with rice and vegetables before turning in for the night. Dao did get her lens cap off the camera. Without that cap, her camera would have been smashed. Dao and Teddy bedded down for the night. Learn more:


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  1. Kim Dao have so much going on well in her life, this is due to her friendliness, simple nature and having lots of caring friends. There is a way we do mindfulness meditation for seniors and achieve great results. Her love for dogs have seen her hanging out dogs where ever she is. This is a special trait I love about her since I too, love dogs. So glad she had a wonderful stay in London with lots of things to remember about.

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