How End Citizens United Plans to Spend the $35M Raised by 2018

It’s no secret that big money plays a critical role in the politics inside Washington. Lobbyists have indeed won and the will of the ordinary people matters little. As long as the big cats have their way, then, all else is perfectly alright. In ten-out-of-ten times, the interests of the one percent are going to contrast and conflict with those of the majority. These billionaires want to be granted a green pass by the incumbent governments to pollute the environment as they well, please. In a bid to wrestle some of this controlling power from the one percent to the citizens, a group called End Citizens United emerged.


Bold Ambitions by End Citizens United


The USA Today online magazine recently revealed how End Citizens United had succeeded in meeting their first quarter estimates of raising $4M. In the coming financial year, the reformist agenda organization seeks to raise over $35M. That money goes into supporting all the pro-reformist causes and organizations out there in the American grassroots. It’s also public information how this particular non-governmental outfit received a handsome amount of $15M from individuals such as George Soros and friends in the last electioneering cycle which culminated in Donald Trump ascending to power in the US.


100K Volunteers


End Citizens United has a strong membership base of over 100, 000 potential donors and volunteers. That figure is only poised to burgeon especially as the Mid-Term US Elections near. The group hopes to go all out and splash the millions collected to boost the campaigns of Democrats in the caucuses and districts which shall be declared vacant by the elections in 2018. The only way for Democrats and, indeed the nation, to save themselves from the wanton madness pervading the White House is by having a stronger representation inside Congress. Better numbers make it impossible for unpopular motions, for instance, the confirmation of Betsy DeVos as the Secretary of Education, to go through.



About End Citizens United


It was 2010 when the group got started. That was after the highest court in the nation decreed that it was okay for lobbyists to splurge billions into campaigns. The controversial ruling opened a Pandora Box of sorts with oil tycoons and other corporate types rushing in to use their money to bend democracy to do their bidding. In a bid to be as transparent as possible, End Citizens United has placed a maximum cap on the amount any individual donor can dole out. If you are interested in joining the band-wagon, all you need do is visit their official website and you are as good as done. Average donations made on the site have been around $11, according to the latest FEC filings done by ECU.