Fagali’i Airport Makes Sense for Travelers

If you are considering a trip to the Independent State of Samoa (and with the perfect climate, beautiful landscape, welcoming locals and top-tier resorts who could blame you) then you should highly consider flying into Fagali’i airport. Throughout its history Fagali’i airport has undergone a lot of renovation but the most recent renovation, which occurred during 2009, opened the airport back up to international flights to the American Samoa and many other locations across the globe. Often overlooked for other regional airports, the Fagali’i airport is unmatched in affordability and location. Whether you’re on business or simply in the Samoa for a relaxing vacation, the Fagali’i airport provides travelers with an option so good it’s difficult to pass up.

The reopening of the Fagali’i airport has been huge for international travelers as the location of the airport puts incoming fliers close to all of the popular destinations. In fact, according to Expedia there are at least ten hotels located within just two miles of the airport which makes for less of your vacation time spent commuting, and more time relaxing. Additionally, it is located next to the four and a half star Taumesina Island Resort which has won over hundreds of customers with their scenic views and crystal clear pools. For so many travelers the most hectic part of the trip can be getting to and from the airport, but the Fagali’i airport gets rid of the worry and allows you to fly within practically walking distance of your hotel.

Today there are four airlines that operate out of the Fagali’i airport: Polynesian Air, Samoa Air, South Pacific Island Airways, and Talofa Airways all of which offer flights to different locales and all of which are reasonably affordable for a traveler on a budget. These four airlines allow travelers to compare prices and to find a flight time that works best for them, ensuring you get the best possible value for your purchase. So before you book that next vacation to Samoa remember the Fagali’i airport which is small enough to offer top-rate customer service but large enough to get you to and from your destination without the hassle.