Fabletics Compares to Amazon with Kate Hudson as the Spokesperson

On an afternoon when stars were gathering at the Beverly Hills Hotel, it was unsuspected that it would be the debut of Kate Hudson’s collaboration with Fabletics. The actress was as close to famous as many up-and-coming actresses could be was a mother named Goldie Hawn and several movies to her credit. Still, being the spokesperson for Fabletics was a very new type of venture for Kate Hudson.


Fabletics grew 644% in 2017. Fabletics continues using its recipe for success and it is contending with the growth of the retail giant, Amazon. Amazon had double-digit growth for the past ten years. Now, it has achieved more than $100 billion in sales annually. While Amazon sales thousands of categories of products and Fabletics sells only one, by comparing sales to size, Fabletics is definitely a contender.


Kate Hudson serves as both the spokesperson and the face of Fabletics, the athleisure company taking the world by storm. Today, Fabletics has risen to be a $250 million ecommerce and brick-and-mortar retailer. Using their unique subscription model, Fabletics customers join and pay a small fee monthly. When the customer purchases item, the membership fee is applied toward the purchase. In return for membership. The customer receives discounts and customized recommendations suitable to their taste, activities and sizing.


Kate Hudson and the Fabletics team including the co-founders, Don Ressler and Adam Goldberg chose to fill an obvious void in the market when they began the company in 2013. There were no athletic-leisure companies consistently making stylish colorful ensembles for women. The choices only consisted on neutral overpriced items. Fabletics took the industry by storm when it introduced stylish, colorful mix and match items that were reasonably priced. Plus, if you ordered something occasionally from Fabletics you could qualify for discounts.


Kate continues to review Fabletics’ social media marketing and its budget. She continues to have a hand in the design of the line’s pieces. As a hand-on participant in the company, she is very aware of what is selling and what is not. She has played a serious role in the success of Fabletics from being different perspectives.


Fabletics is successful because of several right moves it has made. Number one, it chose an excellent industry to dominate. Number two, it chose the right co-founder and collaborator in Kate Hudson. Number three, it selected the best marketing platform (similar to Amazon’s ecommerce site), one that persisted when the traditional retail store concept was dying a natural death.

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