Eva Moskowitz Changes the Structure of Education in NYC

Anyone that has seen the resume of Eva Moskowitz is aware that she is someone that is passionate about the education system. As the founder and CEO of Success Academy Charter Schools she has a big job to do, and she has equipped herself with a talented staff to ensure the success of this popular New York-based school system.

Eva Moskowitz has created a management team that is as diverse as what she aspires for her Success Academy Charter Schools to become. She has worked hard with Chief Academic Officer Michele Caracappa and Chief Operations Office Kris Cheung to create a thriving education system. Students that become part of the student body with Success Academy will be able to thrive and experience learning in a different way. That is exactly what Eva Moskowitz had in mind when she started the Success Academy Schools. She is a product, of the New York City school system, but she felt that there was a need for better education in New York. She felt like she never really had the chance to get the education that she needed, and she wanted to make sure that there was a way for more kids to get a better education.

What Eva Moskowitz would do is set a new standard for education with the Success Academy Charter School. This is a system where students are selected by a random lottery, and parents are eager to get their children in this school. The parents have seen the grades improving for their children, and there is a lot of praise for this school system. Eva has managed to get the attention of parents that want more for their children. The parents are seeing how their children are improving, and this is building an even greater anticipation of more Success Academy Charter Schools. The hard work that Eva Moskowitz has done is really paying off. It is showing people that students in New York have a chance to improve even schools even if they are not in the most prestigious neighborhoods. This school opens doors to many new education opportunities.

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