Eric Pulier: Information Technology extraordinaire

Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur, public speaker, published author, columnist, philanthropist and information Technology extraordinaire, based in Los Angeles, California. Eric Pulier has either co-founded or founded globally known venture capital groups such as US Interactive, Media Platform, ServiceMesh, Desktone, Akana, XPRIZE, vAtomic Systems and Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council.

In fourth grade, he established a computer database company. He studied English and American literature at the Harvard University where he graduated successfully in 1988.

Pulier founded People Doing Things (PDT) when he moved to Los Angeles in 1991. PDT is a company that addresses education, health care, and many other issues through technology.

Pulier is also the co-founder of ServiceMesh where he acts as the Board Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He was the VP and GM of Computer Sciences Corp. At the company; he led the formulation of cloud offerings which assisted CSC to deliver IT services both internally and externally. Since 2005, Pulier has served as the Secretary and Chief Technology Officer of Santa Media Corporation.

Mr. Pulier was appointed by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to formulate and carry out the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington D.C (1997). Additionally, Pulier is a member and a supporter of the Clinton Global Initiative.

Mr. Pulier championed the effort to establish Starbright World, a virtual world for children suffering from chronic illnesses to meet others who share comparable experiences. Starbright World connected more than 70 hospitals all over the United States with a video conferencing network, offering real-time video within an extremely stylized virtual environment.

Eric Pulier is well known as the founding donor of ACE Foundation. ACE Foundation is an organization that is devoted to redesigning the means by which software is created and applied to humanity’s pressing problems. Also, he is a financial donor to the XPRIZE Foundation, a non-profit that plans and supervises public competitions meant to promote technological growth that could be of assistance to humanity.

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