China and America in the Financial Market

When studying where America is going with regard to the financial stability and economy, it is natural to study what is going on in China. China has been one of the major countries over the last ten years and what happens in China will play a large role in what will happen in other countries, including here in America.

While Kyle Bass does admit that China had one of its lowest periods in over 20 years, he does not completely buy into the notion that everything that happens to China will absolutely occur here. Kyle Bass believes that there is about a 50% chance that some form of recession will occur in America within the next year but does not believe that it will be all that major.

Beyond the economic and financial issues in China and America, Kyle Bass also spoke briefly about his views on the upcoming presidential election. While Kyle Bass did not seem particularly impressed by either candidate, his opinion about who the best candidate for president is currently Hilary Clinton.

And the next six months in particular will be one of the times to keep an eye on the news and what is going on around the world. Whether Kyle Bass is correct or not, there are some big changes heading America’s way.

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  1. He believes that she has a good platform and stands for things that America currently needs. No matter what stand you take on the economy, the financial situation or the upcoming election, the next year is sure to be very busy. There are some reviews that I would want them to share about and make sure it works so well for us all.

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