Wes Edens and his Professional Journey leading to Foundation of Fortress Investment Group

It takes a lot of precision, motivation, determination and sharp wits to emerge successful in the world of finance which is riddled with a number of uncertainties. Only extraordinary financial professionals get to the billionaire status and Wes Edens is among the few. He is best known for being the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. The company is a widely successful private equity investment firm and it is the goose that laid Wes the golden billions after it was publicly traded back in 2007 on the New York Stock Exchange. This made it the first privately owned equity investment company, in the history of the American economy to list an IPO. Wes Edens is largely credited for being pivotal in the success of the company leading to the IPO.

Start of his career

The genesis of his finance career was at Oregon State University where he attended and graduated in the year 1984 with a bachelors of Science degree in finance and business administration. He would then find his compass at Lehman Brothers which was a largely successful investment firm where he started as a humble employee. This gave him a once in a lifetime opportunity for him to sharpen his financial wits and get to know how the finance industry operates. His relentless efforts and exponential hard work saw him named partner and managing director, a position which he held for the next six years until in 1993 when he saw it wise to switch to Blackrock asset investors.

Journey to Fortress

At Blackrock, he was also a partner and managing director until 1998 when he parted ways with Blackrock and concentrated on starting his own investment firm. He and three other partners joined efforts to form Fortress Investment Group which grew to international status. This was because the company was able to come up with creative financing options and their combined ability to build a prosperous business by investing profitably. Wes Edens continues to serve as the chairman of the board and manager of administrative staff. Fortress was purchased by Softbank in 2017 and now operates independently under Softbank. Wes Edens says their decision to sell to the Japanese firm was mutually inclusive.

More about Wes Edens

Wes is a sports enthusiast and also the owner of Milwaukee Bucks, a successful basketball team that plays in the NBA. He is also an avid fan of outdoor activities, mostly mountain climbing and this has seen him climb Matterhorn in Switzerland, Pingora Peak in Wyoming and Grand Teton. He aims at climbing Mount Everest. He is also involved in philanthropy and has given out more than $2.7 million to charity and educational institutions.