Securus Technologies steps up the fight against illegal cell phones in prison

Prisons throughout the country face a number of serious threats. None of these is more pressing that the problems associated with contraband cellular devices falling into the hands of organized gang members. The damage that gangs can do with a simple cell phone is a horrific reminder of why many of these dangerous criminals have been locked up in the first place.


Contraband cell phones can undermine the justice system itself


The most serious consequence of prison gangs getting hold of contraband cellular devices is the ability of these dangerous criminals to seriously undermine the entire process of the U.S. justice system. Throughout the last two decades, after the advent of effective, handheld cell phones, gang members have capitalized on the easy concealability and long range of these devices to enable them to intimidate witnesses, continue earning money from drug dealing while incarcerated and even order hits on police, guards, judges and their families.


One such case illustrates just how dangerous contraband cell phones can be, once they slip into the wrong hands. Robert Johnson was a prison guard working in one of Florida’s most notorious maximum-security housing units. As a member of the prison’s SERT team, he was tasked with raiding inmates’ cells and confiscating any contraband that was found.


On one particular raid, Johnson uncovered a package that contained an estimated $50,000 worth of drugs. These drugs would have certainly been sold within the prison itself, endangering the lives of inmates and officers as well as providing a dangerous prison gang with a large amount of illicit profits.


The intended recipient of the package found out that it was Johnson who was responsible for its confiscation. Using a contraband cell phone that had been smuggled into the prison through complicit guards, the leadership of the gang communicated with a soldier on the outside of prison. One morning, as Johnson was preparing himself for his shift, the soldier kicked in Johnson’s front door and stormed into his home, unloading six shots into Johnson’s torso.


Clinging to life for over a month, Johnson barely survived. After 23 surgeries and years of intense pain, he is slowly recovering from the near-death incident. Today, Johnson works as a consultant for the nation’s leading provider of prison communications and safety installations, Securus Technologies. He is travelling the country, raising awareness about Securus’ Wireless Containment System, which has the proven capability to detect and deny nearly 100 percent of all illicit cellular calls placed from within a prison’s walls.


The Wireless Containment System has completely transformed the prisons in which it is deployed, dropping the number of outgoing illegal phone calls to zero. This is a tremendous boost to the safety of prisons and society itself.


Securus Technologies Making Prison Life Safer for All

Each day I report for work at the local prison I am more concerned than the day before. The violence in our jail has been escalating recently, due in part to an increased gang presence and the fact these inmates are packed in an overcrowded facility. As tensions increase, the safety for me and my fellow officers decreases. The trouble we have is that not only are we trying to make things safe for officers, I must make sure inmates and their guests are protected from harm too.


Securus Technologies has gained notoriety recently because their inmate call monitoring system has allowed thousands of jails to tighten up their security. The company is based in Dallas and has well over a thousand employees who feel they are making a difference in making the world a safer place for all. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, knows his team is doing everything possible to help officers to get back control in their own facilities.


On any given day, me and my team will start the day by searching various inmate cells to look for any contraband. Then we will spend a considerable amount of time searching the yard for hidden weapons in case they are planted for a pending fight. We do searches of inmates and guests in the visitor center to reduce the likelihood of anything changing hands that could potentially cause harm to others in the jail.


The LBS software has the ability to detect if an inmate is using the phone and talking about drugs. Case in point, one inmate called his brother and asked he sneak his parents prescription medication at the visitor center. We were able to meet the brother before he got into the visitor center and eliminate this from being a serious issue in the jail.


Customers Are Impressed With Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies provides technology in a way that has revolutionized the incarceration scene. These are being provided for civil as well as criminal justice in order to ensure public safety, and corrections.


There are several comments from their customers that come in the form of letters as well as email communications to Securus Technologies. All these are the prison as well as jail officials. These comments come from all across the United States. All these officials have the job of preventing crimes and even solving them. This is the only way to make the incarceration environment much safer for all.


Securus Technologies does not like to rest on its laurels. The appreciation it receives from its customers prompts them to develop new products or services to help the law enforcement officials to solve crimes. In fact, they are developing a new product or improving an existing one nearly every week. This is why Securus Technologies is able to provide the latest tech gadgets to its customers.


Securus Technologies is all about safety. They are thinking about how to protect and serve in the best possible way. They assist in cases by providing information from calls that are being made from these Facilities. It helps to identify the staff members who are corrupt and get search warrants against them. This way many persons have been arrested for introducing contraband inside the jails. All this leads to the jails being safe and the inmate-on-inmate crimes reducing too.


In addition, Securus Technologies is monitoring the calls being made insides Facilities. These give vital information with regard to alcohol being used by inmates, selling drugs inside the facility, getting access to various cellular devices and so on. There are a lot of suspicious conversations and threats and discussions about past crimes too. These are monitored and help in solving cases.



Securus Technologies and Its Role in Fighting Crime

Securus Technologies is a private contracting firm based in Dallas, Texas. The company offers a wide array of services including information management systems and parolee tracking. Securus Technologies released a sample of comments compiled from emails and letters that they had received from clients in October last year. The majority of these comments were from the people who were tasked with making the incarceration environment safer. The company has helped law enforcement and investigators to solve and prevent crimes through the information that they obtain from Securus’ products.


Rick Smith is the CEO and Chairman of Securus. He said that the company makes sure it develops a new product each week to help its clients. He stated that they received thousands of messages regarding their products and how they had helped to keep inmates and correctional facilities safer. One of the comments came from an investigator who said that the assistance of Securus on a case helped them to obtain a search warrant for a corrupt staff member. This led to the arrest of the person for possession of contraband. It would not have been possible without Securus.


Another comment congratulated the vendor for their commitment to improving public safety and reforming the incarceration environment. Many of the messages thanked Securus for their products and their continued service. An investigator also sent a comment giving official details of how the LBS Software has been instrumental in solving crimes. The official says that the sheriff’s department was able to recover millions of assets from the information that they gathered using the software. The investigator added that their job would have been tough without the software. Another comment also mentions the LBS services and how they had been enough to convince them to work with Securus. The official says that it was this technology that made Securus the leading jail phone provider in the nation.



Disputing Many Claims

Securus Technologies is a technology firm that is based in Dallas, Texas. The firm has been in business for three decades and creates technology for law enforcement and corrections facilities all across North America. Recently, a competitor to Securus Technologies put out a press release making many claims against the technology company. Global Tel Link, or GTL, has been a strong competitor to Securus Technologies and they currently have many ongoing disputes they are involved in.


Two days after the press release from GTL, Secures Technologies responded to the claims with their own press release. Securus Technologies took issue with six issues and stated their position on each. Many of the claims made by GTL had to do with patents and who has access to them. Patents are a vital part of the technology industry and many disputes come up over who can and can not use them.


GTL stated that there are disputed issues that are not patentable and that there are items that Securus Technologies cannot use due to who holds the patent.

Patent disputes do come up in the technology industry. Securus Technologies and GTL have many issues they are currently working on. Many of these have been taken to a court of law to get a final say on them. These lawsuits can take many months to resolve and only time will tell how all of this will play out once a final decision is reached.