Nathaniel Ru Takes the Risk to Go Healthy All the Way

When it comes to healthy food choices for dining out there are not a lot of places that have made the entire menu healthy. It is true that places like McDonald’s and Wendy’s have salads, but none of these places have a full-blown healthy food menu. Nathaniel Ru was someone that realized that this was the void that was missing in healthy food restaurants.


It is easy for someone to pull into a drive-thru or dine in at a place like McDonald’s where salads are offered and still not order a salad. The temptation is often too great for people to consider the ordering of salads when they have a cheeseburger that is within their view on the menu. People that are really trying to embrace the concept of eating healthy are going to be much more inclined to do so if they have access to something like a restaurant where all the choices are considered healthy alternatives to traditional fast-food.


Nathaniel was aware that there was a void of this magnitude in the dining industry, but it took a lot of guts for him to make this transition to a healthy restaurant and still expect profits. There are lots of stores and restaurants that try to embrace healthy eating habits only two become victims of stagnant sales from the mainstream. There have been healthy food supermarkets like EarthFare that have closed doors because consumers simply were not interested in breaking away from the fatty foods that they loved.


From the very start Sweetgreen would be a risky investment for Nathaniel Ru because it was something that was going to change the landscape of the fast food industry.


It was a bold choice to make, but Nathanel Ru believed in what he was doing and his partners were working along with him. They all knew that they had their hands on an interesting concept, and it would be very beneficial to consumers if they could follow through on the vision that they had for creating a healthy dining establishment where the cost of food was low.


Sweetgreen is a restaurant that has served as the springboard for conversations about healthier eating. It has become the bright spot in a dark area where people have been hesitant to consider healthy eating as a mainstream concept. For years salad have been reserved for healthy eaters; Nathaniel brings health eating to the mainstream.


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