NewsWatch TV Consumer Electronic Review for Avanca

Avanca, an award-winning developer of mobile accessories, had reached out to NewsWatch TV to help promote their recent Indiegogo campaign. The crowdfunding campaign was for the innovative company’s brand new lightweight Ockel Sirius B Windows 10 powered pocket PC device. Avanca’s initial goal started at $10,000 and was set for a 30-day period at Indiegogo. If Avanca cannot raise enough funding to complete their goal within that deadline, they will go home empty-handed and the money will be returned to those that contributed.


NewsWatch TV’s promotion for Avanca involved a professionally made TV segment that they had aired on their program. More than 96 million homes across the U.S. had viewed their promotional segment and it also reached to over two hundred major U.S. Markets. NewsWatch’s online campaign accumulated over a million impressions. The campaign had successfully ended with a total amount of $456,551 raised over their set goal. Nathalie van Wijkvliet, who currently serves as the chief marketing officer of Avanca, stated on behalf of her company that they highly recommend working with the NewsWatch TV crew. Highly satisfied with their results, Avanca chose to hire NewsWatch TV again for more promotional work.


NewsWatch TV’s award-winning show features a variety of segments that showcase up-and-coming tech devices, breaking news, mobile app reviews, celebrity interviews, sponsored home electronic reviews and many other consumer related news reports. The show is hosted once a week by Andrew Tropeano and Susan Bridges with Michelle Ison as their co-host.


The program made their television debut in March 1990 and is now broadcasted on the AMC Network, local stations ION Television and their affiliates. NewsWatch TV have since switched their original format that primarily contained financial related news during their early years. They have aired over 1,200 episodes and have maintained a strong social media presence.


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Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere

Doe Deere known as the queen of unicorns is an artist and one of the leading, inspiring female entrepreneurs. She is the founder and Chief Executive officer of Lime Crime Cosmetics which was founded back in 2008. Lime Crime produces one of the most controversial makeup brands which is overly bright, which defies all the rules. Doe Deere is focused on showing how cosmetics are not only used to hide flaws and wrinkles but are also a form of freedom and self-expression. The cosmetics also allow women to live independently. The cosmetics are made using natural ingredients, and this makes them safe for all kind of skin types. The cosmetics are strongly pigmented, lively and bold in color. Some of the bold colors include lime green, blue, and all types of pink. Lime Crime sells various types of cosmetics such as lipstick, eye shadow, and fingernail polish. Lime Crime was created From Doe’s favorite colors and her vision to advance eye shadows, lipstick and nail polishes. A majority of ladies throughout the world order this cosmetics online and showcase the lively colors through pictures online.


Doe Deere was born in Russia. She was raised up in Russia but later moved to the United States in New York at the age of 17 years. She had a dream of becoming a musician, and she precisely did that starting her career. She was even part of a band in Brooklyn. Music taught her various important skills like marketing skills that she has greatly employed in the business. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology where she learned how to showcase and advertise her exceptional style more. She says that her love for business started when she was a kid at an interview by Guest of a Guest. She would sell and wear temporary tattoos at the age of 13 to her classmates. Learn more:


Doe Deere loves mentoring other women who are aiming at becoming entrepreneurs, she supports them, and she is always ready to give them advice. She believes that every person has that something that is unique about them. Doe Deere says that success starts by knowing, discovering yourself and finding that unique skill that you have and put it into action to flourish. Doe Deere adores animals, and she is very passionate in rescuing them especially cats, she has donated cash to an animal shelter in New York. She is among the most leading people in the makeup industry producing eye shadows, nail polish, lipsticks and hair dye.


Louis Chenevert, the Innovator

Louis Chenevert and Gregory Hayes, the former and current CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) respectively, are firm believers that investing in the latest technology gives an organization a cutting edge among its competitors. The two laud companies that invest in the best equipment for their future operations. The two leaders refer to the action of investing in the company future as leadership that implements stewardship for the company resources.
At UTC, leadership is the ability to make a commitment to invest in people and technology. Hayes works with the aspiration that after his tenure, people will say that he left the company better than he found it. To achieve this, he says that he values his workers as people are the innovators within his company. As a result, he treats the employees with utmost respect and care, knowing that they are the secret of success.
Hayes invests in his employees, especially using the Employee Scholar Program, which pays the full fees for the UTC employees so that they can earn degrees of their liking. The program was implemented in 1996, and it has so far effected the graduation of 39, 000 degrees. The company has invested more than $1billion in the education of its students all around the world, especially in the U.S.
The above helps the workers to be innovative and highly informed in their different fields. Case in point, the Pratt and Whitney’s GTF engine development needed the company to invest $10 billion in a span of 20 years. Hayes says that the company has a portfolio of many other innovations, which may not bear the UTC logo but which are made by the company.
Louis Chenevert
Louis Chenevert is a Canadian businessman. He previously served as the CEO and Chairman of United Technologies Corporation, where he was elected to the position in 2006. Before the appointment, Louis had been the President of Pratt and Whitney for six years. Louis was born in Quebec, and he schooled in the region’s local schools. Later, he took a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in production management at HEC Montreal.

Brian Bonar: Trained for Engineering but Doing it Big in the Financial Industry

Brian Bonar, the founder & CEO of Dalrada Financial Services, is arguably the most generous CEO when it comes to sharing about his life with the public. Through his profile, Brian has opened a window through which people interested in knowing him better can access all the information they may require about him.

Brian, who is also the CEO of Trucept, has achieved quite a lot both academically and professionally. For this reason, he made it to the Cambridge Who’s who annual list of the top four most accomplished executives in 2010, taking home the Executive of the Year award.

The selection committee also considers leadership skills in determining the winner.

Brian’s Achievements at Dalrada

With cumulative experience spanning over three decades, Brian employs this expertise in the day-to-day running of Dalrada Financial Services. Consequently, he has helped the company to climb the ladder and become one of the biggest financial institutions in the country.

The company specializes in offering insurance and financial solutions to its clients, helping them to take full control of their finance and optimally manage their assets.

The country’s working population is the primary client for Dalrada, with the company training employees from different companies on how to become efficient in their places of work. Under the able leadership of Bonar, Dalrada Financial Service managed to customize their services in such a way that a particular client’s needs are satisfactorily met by a program specifically tailored to address those needs. This move has brought with it a significant success within a short duration of time.

Brian Bonar’s Career Path

According to White Pages, Brian Bonar is a mechanical engineer by training but is more experienced in financial matters. After graduating from Stafford University, he kicked off his career as a procurement manager at IBM. After leaving IBM, he was put in charge of 100 engineers at QMS as a director of engineers.

For the four years that he held this role, Bonar’s responsibility was to oversee software and hardware development in the company. He left QMS in 1989 when he was offered a job at Rastek Corporation to serve in the sales and marketing department as vice president. This job exposed Bonar to the printing, an industry he later joined as a sales manager for Adaptec, a printing company. His job helped him make inroads into the printing sector.

Bonar established himself on his own by founding Beizers Systems in 1994, a company that made history as the first ever company to develop SCSI based printers. In 1999, Bonar founded Dalrada Financial Service.

He later established AMS Outsourcing Company in San Diego, California. He became the CEO and chairman of Trucept in 2011. Bonar has worked for several other companies among them ITEC imaging technologies and Allegiant Professional Business Services.