Bob Reina: You Owe It To Yourself

You owe it to yourself to do something with your life. After all, you want to leave behind something that is going to inspire your children and your grandchildren and their children. With only one chance at life, it is important to make the most out of it every single day. There are no days off until they have been earned. This might sound strict, and it might sound tough, but it is the way of the world these days. It is important to know what matters and what is a waste of time. When someone figures that out, which is an important piece, they start to see life with in a whole new light.


However, they can’t settle and they can’t take it easy. There will be time for that down the line and later in life. At the moment, it is important to go for after what you want and not what anyone else wants. That is where people get tangled up and confused with their lives. Other people have told them what they should be doing and they have been listening to people for so long, they start to believe them. They should know better and they should follow their gut. Someone’s gut is rarely wrong. It has a high success rate, as a matter of fact. Learn more:


Bob Reina knows this as throughout his life, people have told him what he should be doing and what is best for him. Good thing for him, he didn’t listen to them. He listened to himself, as he knew he had the answers right in front of him and right in his gut. He knew what the right path was for his life was as a police officer and now as the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion. All of it was what he wanted to do, and he did it.


He is proud of that fact, as he should be, which is why he goes out of his way to tell people to follow their dreams, pursue them, and to not let anything get in their way. He wants people to look up to him and use him as a role model for what can be done in life when you block out what other people think or say. It’s OK to listen to their advice and take it into consideration, but you have the final say in your life.




Mike Baur- Tech entrepreneur from Switzerland

Mike Baur is one of the people who is dedicated to supporting the startup’s industry in Switzerland. While people in other countries are trying to figure out what is driving the technology industry in Switzerland, the country keeps on rising. Switzerland, unlike other countries, was not affected adversely by the economic recession that recently happened. In fact, the country was developing as other were feeling the heat from the slow economic growth. The secret to Switzerland’s success that many people may not be aware of lies in its ability to tap into new ideas which come through as startups.


The startup industry in the country is doing way better than other countries in the regions. Switzerland has excelled because it has concentrated on mentoring the talents and new ideas which bring new ideas to the market. Startups do not follow what the big corporations are doing. They usually come up with original ideas which offer alternative means of doing things. Startups must distinguish themselves from main corporations, or they won’t succeed. Big corporations have the manpower and financial muscles to tilt sales in their favor. Any startup that hopes to succeed must come up with new brilliant ideas that will convince consumers to stop taking products from the big companies. It is upon the startup owners to ensure that they plan their business so well that they won’t be affected by the big corporations.


Startups have many benefits that they offer to the people. One, they encourage other people who might have ideas but are reluctant to try them out to go ahead and do so. Successful startups inspire more people to seek financial freedom through unique business ideas. Startups also create alternatives for the people. It is possible for one to get customized services or products through startups than with the big corporations. Startups tend to address the needs of the people way better than the international companies.


Mike Baur, a tech entrepreneur in the country, is one of the people who has significantly assisted entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas to implement them. He has a company known as Swiss Startup Factory which mentors and trains people who have brilliant ideas but would like to gain more knowledge on the financial management of a business. Having a business idea and implementing it successfully are two different things. Mike Baur is offering an opportunity to the young entrepreneurs to grow their ideas into profit-making businesses.


James Larkin

You may have heard the phrase “a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.” Well, the first person to use this phrase was a trade unionist by the name James Larkin, often known as Big Jim. Mary Ann McNulty bore James Larkin in 1876. James grew up in the urban streets and went to school in Liverpool. His parents were Irish. Due to their parent’s low-income level, he got very little education.

In an effort to boost his family’s low income, Larkin worked a number of jobs when he was still a youth. This eventually led him to become a foreman in the docks. When still so young, he became devoted to socialism, and he believed that workers were being maltreated.

He, therefore, gained membership to the National Union of Dock Laborers (NUDL). By 1905, James had decided to dedicate his time and efforts to trade unionism.

During his time in NUDL, Larkin displayed some extreme methods that spooked the union. However, the union could not lay him off, so they opted to transfer him to Dublin. That was back in 1907. At this time, less than 10% of Irish workers were unionized. Larkin had a desire to combine all Irish workers. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

This involved those who were skilled and also the unskilled. He managed to bring them under one organization. This was achieved through the founding of the Irish Transport and General Workers Union (ITGWU). ITGWU quickly gained affiliation with branches of NUDL.

Larkin outlined ITGW’s legal programme; a legal eight hours’ day, work provision to all those who were not employed, and financial support to the laborers at the age of 60. This was in December 1908.

James Larkin partnered with his friend, James Connolly, and the two formed a party that came to be so powerful, the Irish Labor party. He, through the party, led a sequence of workers’ strikes. One strike that was the most momentous was the lockout of 1913 in Dublin.

So many employees, especially those of the state, went on strike for roughly eight months. Despite the major losses incurred in businesses because of the strike’s duration, the workers’ plea for unbiased employment was granted.

In 1912, he moved to the US where he went on with his activism. His radical ways led him to face charges for which he was sent back to Ireland. By 1924, he was already continuing with his work until he passed on, in January 1947. ITGW exists today as (SIPTU) Services Industrial Professional and Technical Union.

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Lacey & Larkin: Fighting for a Cause

There are countless organizations fighting for countless causes. It seems like every week a new cause arises and people follow an enthusiastic leader. For Hispanic emigrants trying to enter the United States, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are their leaders. Lacey and Larkin involvement with the movement increased after their arrest.

Most news stories these days involve people being mistreated by the government. Federal abuse toward emigrants is nothing new, but law enforcement targeting reporters is. Usually, law enforcement ignores reporters, but for Lacey and Larkin that was not the case.

In October of 2007, Sheriff Joe Arpaio led an assault against Lacey and Larkin in the middle of the night. They were arrested and imprisoned because they were writing stories about the lawman and his activities. Sheriff Arpaio also demanded that New Times turn over all notes they had about him. He also wanted the names of anyone who’d read any of the stories about him.

Luckily, none of Sheriff Arpaio’s actions went unpunished. Immediately, the two filed a lawsuit against Maricopa County and eventually won. Now, nearly a decade later, the two have their justice and Sheriff Arpaio is in the spotlight, which is his worst nightmare.

On top of defeating Sheriff Arpaio, the two men also used their settlement to start the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The fund’s money goes toward financial helping several different migrant rights groups as well as free speech coalitions.

Michael Lacey grew up in Newark, New Jersey. In the late 60s, he moved out west and attended Arizona State University. He didn’t finish college, but he did get into writing about political issues from the other side of political conversations. In the 70s, he helped write about campus antiwar protests.

That first paper launched Lacey’s career in the publishing business. Eventually, he took over Phoenix New Times as executive editor. He also linked up with Jim Larkin. Together, they began growing a multimillion-dollar media conglomerate consisting of 17 like-minded publications.

Lacey is the leader of the two, but Jim Larkin is the energy. Like Lacey, Larkin also dropped out of Arizona State in favor of starting his career. The two led New Times to greater heights than anyone expected. They began buying other papers and expanding their borders. Eventually, they became Village Voice. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey:

Over the years, Village Voice Media became one of the most respected publications in the business. They’ve won numerous honors, including the Pulitzer Prize, and have millions of print readers and even more online readers. In 2012, they sold Village Voice Media.

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