George Soros Returning to Political Arena

Through smart investing, financial savvy, hard work, and a little bit of luck, 87 year old humanitarian George Soros has amassed himself quite a fortune. His net worth is currently valued at over 25 billion dollars. This money is not just sitting around though. Soros is putting it to work for the less fortunate. It is funding projects that improve lives, and in some cases, saves them.Perhaps what he is best known for, though, is his political activism. He famously donated 27 million dollars in the hopes of defeating George W. Bush’s presidential campaign. After that spending failed to remove Bush from office, he stopped spending as much on political activities, deciding instead to work on humanitarian projects.

Since then, he has donated 13 million dollars to different nonprofit groups that protect human rights and help to ensure access to healthcare all across the United States. During this time, he donated 35 million dollars to the state of New York to be earmarked for underprivileged children, and he donated to the Center for American Progress, which advocates for and performs research on progressive policies. During this time, he donated only 1 million dollars to Barack Obama’s presidential reelection campaign, spending which is dwarfed by the amount of his humanitarian giving in this time.

But he couldn’t stay out of politics forever, and things are pointing to him getting back in the game. According to Politico, sources close to him say that he seems more politically involved than they have ever seen him before. It is not just his attitude which has changed though. He is also making very generous donations again, to the tune of 25 million dollars donated to Hillary Clinton’s and other democratic candidates. He has also given funds to opposition researching PACs which serve to undermine GOP campaigns, and to voter turnout groups.Respect and friendship with Hillary Clinton, fear of a Trump administration, and passion for the democratic platform have led him back into massive political spending. The continued effects of his spending remain to be seen, but one thing is for certain: George Soros is making a comeback, and he is not afraid to spend on causes he believes in.

Norman Pattiz, PodcastOne Leader Announces Results of Network’s Brand Lift

Norman Pattiz is one of the most authoritative figures in the broadcasting industry. Just recently, the prominent figure announced the results from an advertising campaign that was carried out on some of the national brands in the United States.

According to Norman Pattiz, Tom Webster, the vice president of Edison Research played a fundamental role in the success of the campaign. At the end of the campaign, it was evident that podcast advertising has a huge impact on the brand recall in all the categories.

According to Tom Webster and his team, sixty percent of all the podcast listeners were able to successfully mention some of the grocery brands after the podcast campaign. Before the ad, only seven percent of the consumers would recall the brands

The results of the campaign also indicated that the product awareness that was unassisted rose by forty percent after the study in the financial services department. The same increase was also registered in the lawn and automobile products.

The study proved that a great number of the audience developed a positive opinion immediately they heard about the podcast messages. This proves that the advertising campaign was very effective in the marketing process, and consumers in the business world should embrace it. Some of the brands that were not popular before the campaign made huge sales after the ads.

Consumers can have confidence in the recently concluded study. According to Norman Pattiz, Edison Research is one of the best research firms in the United States. The firm is respected for giving consumers unbiased opinions after every study.

The leadership of the company worked closely with Norman Pattiz to show the customer how podcast advertising will change their lives.

According to Bloomberg, Norman Pattiz is the authoritative figure that is changing the podcast world. The PodcastOne chairman has been in the industry for a very long time, and he understands all the challenges facing the modern businessmen.

Several years ago, Norman Pattiz established Westwood One, and it did very well under his leadership. The success of the company in the United States motivated the businessman to open more businesses in the industry. The leadership of the country has also recognized Pattiz’s achievements by appointing him in several broadcasting leadership positions.

Just recently, Norman took his business to a higher level after introducing a new series in the Jericho Network. The new series will feature mysterious happenings, and it is expected to attract a large audience.

Louis Chenevert, the Innovator

Louis Chenevert and Gregory Hayes, the former and current CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) respectively, are firm believers that investing in the latest technology gives an organization a cutting edge among its competitors. The two laud companies that invest in the best equipment for their future operations. The two leaders refer to the action of investing in the company future as leadership that implements stewardship for the company resources.
At UTC, leadership is the ability to make a commitment to invest in people and technology. Hayes works with the aspiration that after his tenure, people will say that he left the company better than he found it. To achieve this, he says that he values his workers as people are the innovators within his company. As a result, he treats the employees with utmost respect and care, knowing that they are the secret of success.
Hayes invests in his employees, especially using the Employee Scholar Program, which pays the full fees for the UTC employees so that they can earn degrees of their liking. The program was implemented in 1996, and it has so far effected the graduation of 39, 000 degrees. The company has invested more than $1billion in the education of its students all around the world, especially in the U.S.
The above helps the workers to be innovative and highly informed in their different fields. Case in point, the Pratt and Whitney’s GTF engine development needed the company to invest $10 billion in a span of 20 years. Hayes says that the company has a portfolio of many other innovations, which may not bear the UTC logo but which are made by the company.
Louis Chenevert
Louis Chenevert is a Canadian businessman. He previously served as the CEO and Chairman of United Technologies Corporation, where he was elected to the position in 2006. Before the appointment, Louis had been the President of Pratt and Whitney for six years. Louis was born in Quebec, and he schooled in the region’s local schools. Later, he took a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in production management at HEC Montreal.

George Soros Is Defined By Business Success And Philanthropy

George Soros, one of the world’s most famous and outspoken billionaire, is now in his 80’s and still exudes an air of confidence and determination in leaving a positive mark in the world. Not that he hasn’t left a mark already but by the fact that a lot remains to be done. According to the Forbes Magazine, Soros has a cumulative wealth amounting to $25.4 billion. A man of his means, George Soros is known to be very charitable. He is the face of aid and social justice. From disenfranchised victims seeking recourse in the judicial systems to thousands who require basic needs and an education, George Soros has reached out assist all and sundry.

Soros began his career in investment management in the year 1947 at the London School of Economics. This was after he had fled the conflict in Hungary that was occasioned by the Nazi occupying his home country during the Second World War. George Soros tried his hands at menial jobs so that he could see himself through college.

At the height of his student life in LSE, he got a chance to be nurtured by philosopher Karl Popper. Popper goes into the history books as one of the most influential philosophers of the 20th century. Karl is the man behind the familiar term “open society.” As a result of the mentorship by Karl Popper, George Soros proceeded to enroll in a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy in the London School of Economics. He spent another three years at the university to wear an extra hat of the doctor in philosophy from the same college. Know more on Investopedia about George Soros.

After college, George Soros was able to secure an entry level position at Singer and Friedlander. He later decided to move to New York where he launched is investment career in the Wall Street. From the early days on Wall Street when he managed his hedge fund that had $12 million in assets to his present day billionaire status, George Soros has worked all the way up.

Through his brainchild, the Open Society Foundations, George has regularly advocated for transparent and accountable governments. He has remained passionate and committed to helping people get access to social justice. In the year 1979, Soros awarded scholarships to the young blacks who had been caught up in South Africa’s apartheid struggle. After the tumbling of the Berlin wall, he facilitated the creation of the Central European University as an institution for the exchange of ideas and research work. Visit to know more about George.

He has supported political candidates such as Hillary Clinton in their bid to ascend into political offices. He believes that through constant agitation for the observance of human rights, social justice responsible leadership, and open societies, humankind would have been able to solve some of the most intractable problems in the world.

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Andy Wirth, CEO Extraordinary

As CEO of Squaw Valley Ski, Andrew “Andy” Wirth has over 24 years of sales and marketing experience and has earned multiple service and professional awards. Mr. Wirth is spearheading a project to combine the experience of Alpine and Squaw Valley via a gondola connecting the resorts. Wirth has headed a 70 million dollar upgrade to Squaw Valley in hopes of making the resort a more desirable winter vacation locale. He has recently been appointed as the chairman of Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board.

Mr. Wirth was born in West Germany and attended Edinburgh University and then received a Bachelor of Science from Colorado State University. He worked as a back country ranger for the Rocky Mountain National Parks and was a wilderness ranger in the San Pedro Parks Wilderness Area. Squaw Vally and Alpine Meadows, where Mr. Wirth is president, were featured on an episode of Undercover Boss where Wirth goes undercover in both resorts. As well as working tirelessly to promote and make these resorts among the top tourist destinations in the world, Mr. Wirth is a major contributor to environmental and community service in the Lake Tahoe area.

Mr. Wirth sang “Just Breathe”, a Pearl Jam favorite of he and his wife’s to himself to get him through the next minutes where he was able to be located by another skydiver. After recovering he co-founded an Ironman team called “Wounded Warriors Support” which honors Navy SEALs by supporting special operations team members and their families after they return home.

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China and America in the Financial Market

When studying where America is going with regard to the financial stability and economy, it is natural to study what is going on in China. China has been one of the major countries over the last ten years and what happens in China will play a large role in what will happen in other countries, including here in America.

While Kyle Bass does admit that China had one of its lowest periods in over 20 years, he does not completely buy into the notion that everything that happens to China will absolutely occur here. Kyle Bass believes that there is about a 50% chance that some form of recession will occur in America within the next year but does not believe that it will be all that major.

Beyond the economic and financial issues in China and America, Kyle Bass also spoke briefly about his views on the upcoming presidential election. While Kyle Bass did not seem particularly impressed by either candidate, his opinion about who the best candidate for president is currently Hilary Clinton.

And the next six months in particular will be one of the times to keep an eye on the news and what is going on around the world. Whether Kyle Bass is correct or not, there are some big changes heading America’s way.

The Flourishing Leadership of Kenneth Goodgame

Kenneth Goodgame is the Senior VP and Chief Merchandising Officer at True Value Company where he has been working since 2013. Over the years, Goodgame has amassed a wealth of marketing knowledge that gives him an edge when it comes to marketing strategies. The True Company cooperative has retailers across the US, and Goodgame has been a core contributor to its success, particularly in brand recognition. With a BSc in Marketing from the University of Tennessee, Goodgame has achieved a reputation of building highly successful teams and managing profits and losses.

Innovative Strategies

A notable mark in all his stints at different companies is the innovativeness of the programs to improve the marketing and advertising of an entity. At True Value Company, he established a 4 SKU end cap program that went on to receive support from over 2800 stores, making it one of the most successful. Goodgame also came up with an advertising program that required investments from vendors. Called “pay for play”, the program made it possible for suppliers to buy ad space at the same time providing half the funding for True Value’s national TV budget. 2014 saw True Value appear on television for the first time in ten years. Ken Goodgame also revolutionized the low-performance buying team and instilled an enthusiasm that saw a great improvement in performance. He also restructured the merchandising team in addition to hiring a full category management squad.

The Principal Executive

True to form, he has worked with cross-functional groups at True Value Company to fashion a strategic corporate program that spans 5 years. This plan is meant to furnish the company with long-term growth. Goodgame sees beyond the immediate results with most of his plans implement for future success. The marketing guru has a knack for seeing potential and cashing in with relevant merchandising strategies. Besides his leadership, Goodgame also provides advertising and marketing advice on his website. From the posts, marketing professionals, and company executives get smart business strategies. Kenneth Goodgame has successfully carved a lasting reputation in the retail industry.

Eric Pulier: Information Technology extraordinaire

Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur, public speaker, published author, columnist, philanthropist and information Technology extraordinaire, based in Los Angeles, California. Eric Pulier has either co-founded or founded globally known venture capital groups such as US Interactive, Media Platform, ServiceMesh, Desktone, Akana, XPRIZE, vAtomic Systems and Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council.

In fourth grade, he established a computer database company. He studied English and American literature at the Harvard University where he graduated successfully in 1988.

Pulier founded People Doing Things (PDT) when he moved to Los Angeles in 1991. PDT is a company that addresses education, health care, and many other issues through technology.

Pulier is also the co-founder of ServiceMesh where he acts as the Board Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He was the VP and GM of Computer Sciences Corp. At the company; he led the formulation of cloud offerings which assisted CSC to deliver IT services both internally and externally. Since 2005, Pulier has served as the Secretary and Chief Technology Officer of Santa Media Corporation.

Mr. Pulier was appointed by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to formulate and carry out the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington D.C (1997). Additionally, Pulier is a member and a supporter of the Clinton Global Initiative.

Mr. Pulier championed the effort to establish Starbright World, a virtual world for children suffering from chronic illnesses to meet others who share comparable experiences. Starbright World connected more than 70 hospitals all over the United States with a video conferencing network, offering real-time video within an extremely stylized virtual environment.

Eric Pulier is well known as the founding donor of ACE Foundation. ACE Foundation is an organization that is devoted to redesigning the means by which software is created and applied to humanity’s pressing problems. Also, he is a financial donor to the XPRIZE Foundation, a non-profit that plans and supervises public competitions meant to promote technological growth that could be of assistance to humanity.

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Giving Back & Persisting Towards Your Future With Eric Pulier

Linda Owen Joins James Dondero to Facilitate Highland’s Great Giving

Highland Capital Management, L.P., an asset management firm based in Dallas, has moved to take its generous giving to charities to the next level. James Dondero, the co-founder and president, has chosen to partner with Linda Owen, a civic leader also based in Dallas, to direct the firm’s ever-expanding philanthropic activities. Owen once served at The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation as the president. She has joined Highland as the charitable giving manager, and she will work in partnership with The Dallas Foundation. Currently. The foundation administers the firm’s charitable giving fund.

Confirming Owen’s appointment, Dondero said that Highland needed a dedicated professional to ensure that the firm makes great contributions. He spoke of how Owen has been successful in building public-private partnerships with the greatest impact. Her track record confirms that she shares Highland’s vision of bringing an immediate and tangible difference to Dallas community. On her part, Owen could not hide her delight in working with a firm dedicated to impacting the community.

Through The Dallas Foundation, Highland donates over $3 million to charities each year. Most of the contributions support education, veterans’ causes, healthcare and the Dallas community at large. Some of the beneficiary organizations include the Center for Brain Health, the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, Uplift Education, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, American Heart Association and Snowball Express. Dondero and several other Highland executives serve on boards of many of the organizations supported by the firm with the aim of providing leadership guidance.

James Dondero has worked in the credit and equity markets for more than 30 years mainly focusing on high-yield and distressed investing. He started as an analyst in the Morgan Guaranty training program. He also served as the Chief Investment Officer of Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary before joining American Express as the Portfolio Manager. He co-founded Highland Capital Management in 1993. He has helped make Highland become the leading asset management firm in the United States.

Dondero graduated with Beta Gamma Sigma and Beta Alpha Psi, the highest honors from the University of Virginia where he majored in Accounting and Finance.

Source: Business Wire

Jim Hunt: Harnessing the Financial Wave from a Crashing Stock Market

What happens when the stocks come crashing? You lose money and possibly all your investments right? According to Jim Hunt, you can still gain from what he calls the wealth wave of a crashing financial market.

The Wealth Wave is a new series on financial knowledge specifically designed for a crashing stock market. According to VTA Publications Advisor, Jim Hunt, it’s still possible to make money when the stock markets odds are grim. When the financial market crashes, money never vanishes, it simply changes possession.

Through his new DVD and Webinar Training, Wealth Wave, Jim Hunt first reassures the potential investor to never fear a falling market. It’s okay to be afraid when the value of stock is dropping fast, but this doesn’t mean you should shy away from investing in it. Through the DVDs and online Webinars, Hunt imparts sound knowledge on how to find the profitable loopholes of a falling stock and make money from it. Simply put, when the market comes crashing, money changes possession; you should be the new possessor of this wealth gain.

Jim Hunt teaches the tested and proven methods of reading a falling stock market and finding where to profit. According to well known financial experts, many smart investors will turn into millionaires by the year 2016 and 2017, and a great deal of these investors will be the ones using Jim Hunt’s Wealth Wave series.

Jim Hunt’s passion for teaching continues to show in the many webinars and DVD releases he has done on financial knowledge. Wealth Wave is another gift from Jim Hunt that will make millionaires of those willing to heed his teachings.

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