Brian Bonar: Trained for Engineering but Doing it Big in the Financial Industry

Brian Bonar, the founder & CEO of Dalrada Financial Services, is arguably the most generous CEO when it comes to sharing about his life with the public. Through his profile, Brian has opened a window through which people interested in knowing him better can access all the information they may require about him.

Brian, who is also the CEO of Trucept, has achieved quite a lot both academically and professionally. For this reason, he made it to the Cambridge Who’s who annual list of the top four most accomplished executives in 2010, taking home the Executive of the Year award.

The selection committee also considers leadership skills in determining the winner.

Brian’s Achievements at Dalrada

With cumulative experience spanning over three decades, Brian employs this expertise in the day-to-day running of Dalrada Financial Services. Consequently, he has helped the company to climb the ladder and become one of the biggest financial institutions in the country.

The company specializes in offering insurance and financial solutions to its clients, helping them to take full control of their finance and optimally manage their assets.

The country’s working population is the primary client for Dalrada, with the company training employees from different companies on how to become efficient in their places of work. Under the able leadership of Bonar, Dalrada Financial Service managed to customize their services in such a way that a particular client’s needs are satisfactorily met by a program specifically tailored to address those needs. This move has brought with it a significant success within a short duration of time.

Brian Bonar’s Career Path

According to White Pages, Brian Bonar is a mechanical engineer by training but is more experienced in financial matters. After graduating from Stafford University, he kicked off his career as a procurement manager at IBM. After leaving IBM, he was put in charge of 100 engineers at QMS as a director of engineers.

For the four years that he held this role, Bonar’s responsibility was to oversee software and hardware development in the company. He left QMS in 1989 when he was offered a job at Rastek Corporation to serve in the sales and marketing department as vice president. This job exposed Bonar to the printing, an industry he later joined as a sales manager for Adaptec, a printing company. His job helped him make inroads into the printing sector.

Bonar established himself on his own by founding Beizers Systems in 1994, a company that made history as the first ever company to develop SCSI based printers. In 1999, Bonar founded Dalrada Financial Service.

He later established AMS Outsourcing Company in San Diego, California. He became the CEO and chairman of Trucept in 2011. Bonar has worked for several other companies among them ITEC imaging technologies and Allegiant Professional Business Services.

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