Billy McFarland wants you noticed

Billy McFarland has made an art form out of creating companies, especially those that gain notice. He started his first business at 13 and has two more that he has since started. The core of his business approach is getting people noticed and having more of a network. For someone from Philadelphia, he has made more than just a home in New York City.

While Billy McFarland was in college at Bucknell University, he realized that he wanted more. He dropped out and created Spling. The site is how companies are noticed even more for engagement, sales, and revenue. His first company was made to allow designers to be noticed customers. He learned from these two businesses and has now created Magnises so that millennials can network.

According to The Guardian, Billy McFarland has done something that many people can only think about doing. He has created more than one successful company. He has got attention from multiple news outlets, business and regular news. He also does not sit back and rest on what he has already built.

Magnises has become a good way for millennials to network and get their own companies noticed.  These include discounts at many restaurants and bars, but also events like a booze cruise. All of this is helped y an app for members to learn what is happening.

Now members have SportsPass. Currently it acts as season pass for people wanting to see an event at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. That means they get 48 tickets for any of the basketball, boxing, or hockey. They can get more tickets at a special rate past that. It just goes to McFarland not sitting idle.

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