An Entertaining Glimpse Into The Home Life Of Kim Dao

In a video that was published in May, 2016, Australian blogger and video creator Kim Dao leads viewers on a tour of her former apartment in Japan. Although it may seem like a rather mundane subject, Kim Dao has a way of presenting information that makes virtually any subject interesting.


The apartment that is shown in the video was Kim Dao’s first apartment in Japan, and she lived there for four months. The apartment was very small, but Ms. Dao managed to neatly store a lot of possessions in a limited amount of space.


The tour of Kim Dao’s apartment provides a fairly thorough and entertaining glimpse into the environment she used to live in. It’s fun to see the creative ways this YouTube star stores various types of items, including utilizing vertical storage.


As Kim Dao shows you items such as her cooking spices, kitchen utensils, and counter space, it seems only natural to compare her kitchen area to one’s own cooking space.


The viewer of this video is also shown clear and detailed views of Kim Dao’s bathroom and bedroom. Even though she has a good amount of possessions on hand, these rooms almost make efficient use of available space.


With Kim Dao’s friendly manner, and the soothing acoustic guitar music that is included, this video was a pleasure to view.


Securus Technologies and Its Role in Fighting Crime

Securus Technologies is a private contracting firm based in Dallas, Texas. The company offers a wide array of services including information management systems and parolee tracking. Securus Technologies released a sample of comments compiled from emails and letters that they had received from clients in October last year. The majority of these comments were from the people who were tasked with making the incarceration environment safer. The company has helped law enforcement and investigators to solve and prevent crimes through the information that they obtain from Securus’ products.


Rick Smith is the CEO and Chairman of Securus. He said that the company makes sure it develops a new product each week to help its clients. He stated that they received thousands of messages regarding their products and how they had helped to keep inmates and correctional facilities safer. One of the comments came from an investigator who said that the assistance of Securus on a case helped them to obtain a search warrant for a corrupt staff member. This led to the arrest of the person for possession of contraband. It would not have been possible without Securus.


Another comment congratulated the vendor for their commitment to improving public safety and reforming the incarceration environment. Many of the messages thanked Securus for their products and their continued service. An investigator also sent a comment giving official details of how the LBS Software has been instrumental in solving crimes. The official says that the sheriff’s department was able to recover millions of assets from the information that they gathered using the software. The investigator added that their job would have been tough without the software. Another comment also mentions the LBS services and how they had been enough to convince them to work with Securus. The official says that it was this technology that made Securus the leading jail phone provider in the nation.



Brian Bonar: Trained for Engineering but Doing it Big in the Financial Industry

Brian Bonar, the founder & CEO of Dalrada Financial Services, is arguably the most generous CEO when it comes to sharing about his life with the public. Through his profile, Brian has opened a window through which people interested in knowing him better can access all the information they may require about him.

Brian, who is also the CEO of Trucept, has achieved quite a lot both academically and professionally. For this reason, he made it to the Cambridge Who’s who annual list of the top four most accomplished executives in 2010, taking home the Executive of the Year award.

The selection committee also considers leadership skills in determining the winner.

Brian’s Achievements at Dalrada

With cumulative experience spanning over three decades, Brian employs this expertise in the day-to-day running of Dalrada Financial Services. Consequently, he has helped the company to climb the ladder and become one of the biggest financial institutions in the country.

The company specializes in offering insurance and financial solutions to its clients, helping them to take full control of their finance and optimally manage their assets.

The country’s working population is the primary client for Dalrada, with the company training employees from different companies on how to become efficient in their places of work. Under the able leadership of Bonar, Dalrada Financial Service managed to customize their services in such a way that a particular client’s needs are satisfactorily met by a program specifically tailored to address those needs. This move has brought with it a significant success within a short duration of time.

Brian Bonar’s Career Path

According to White Pages, Brian Bonar is a mechanical engineer by training but is more experienced in financial matters. After graduating from Stafford University, he kicked off his career as a procurement manager at IBM. After leaving IBM, he was put in charge of 100 engineers at QMS as a director of engineers.

For the four years that he held this role, Bonar’s responsibility was to oversee software and hardware development in the company. He left QMS in 1989 when he was offered a job at Rastek Corporation to serve in the sales and marketing department as vice president. This job exposed Bonar to the printing, an industry he later joined as a sales manager for Adaptec, a printing company. His job helped him make inroads into the printing sector.

Bonar established himself on his own by founding Beizers Systems in 1994, a company that made history as the first ever company to develop SCSI based printers. In 1999, Bonar founded Dalrada Financial Service.

He later established AMS Outsourcing Company in San Diego, California. He became the CEO and chairman of Trucept in 2011. Bonar has worked for several other companies among them ITEC imaging technologies and Allegiant Professional Business Services.

Lime Crime By Doe Deere Turns Heads


Doe Deere is the maker of a brilliant new line of revolutionary makeup products designed under the desire for positive change in both product and product development to finally take over and bring together a stronger more vibrant overall personality and portrayal of life through makeup and through the way we make it.

Desperate for a change in the beauty industry, animal lover and ethics enthusiast, Doe Deere has taken it upon herself to create an astounding line of unique products with creative names like Diamond Crushers and Velvetines amongst other brilliant pieces of makeup iconography all with the well being of animals in mind. Having every single makeup product be completely 100% free of animal testing, animal products, animal byproducts, and animal cruelty, Doe Deere’s line creatively named “Lime Crime” is taking over the beauty scene with a pride and vengeance that demands to be taken seriously.

Not only is the Lime Crime brand great for the planet, but it’s also great for your confidence and wallet! Raise your hand if you ever bought what looked like a bold shade and after applying it found that it was wimpy and muted? Let’s be real, every single person just raised their hand. If you buy from Lime Crime that will never be a problem because the creator specifically designed each and every individual product to be explosively dynamic with the most intense colors that she could find.

Don’t worry though, the pastels are still around, they just don’t fade into your skin color. Now if you want burnt orange eyes or baby blue you can have them be visible from all the way across the room. Inspiring women and men everywhere who love makeup to stand up and express their personalities without any shame, Doe Deere’s makeup line is creating heads that turn and smile as they admire the colorful personality that you finally have the chance to accurately portray to the universe.

Not every animal lover is purely granola and lip balm. There are countless animal lovers who are stressed at the mess of the drugstore hardly having any vegan products that kick ass with highly pigmented products. Now, thanks to Lime Crime your entire face can be bursting with the true colorful beauty of your soul without any apologies to the animals. Check out the website today and find all what perfect products are waiting to be adopted!



Touching Story Of Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd. since 2011. The president of the same company since 1992. Anthony Petrello also served as Chief Operating Officer at Nabors since 1991.

From 1979 to 1991 he worked with the law firm Baker and McKenzie, he served as Managing Partner from 1986 to 1991. Anthony Petrello has been a Director of Stewart and Stevenson, LLC since 2011.

Anthony Petrello serves as a Director of Texas Children’s Hospital IAC, and served as Director of Petrello earned his J.D. degree from Harvard Law School and B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mathematics from Yale University. Petrellos operating functions provides strategic planning initiative and direction enabling the company to strive.

Nabors Industries Ltd. owms and operates the world’s largest land based drilling rig fleet. Nabors a leading provider of offshore drilling rigs in U.S. Before Anthony Petrello joined Nabors, he worked at Baker and McKenzie law firm. Petrello a current member of the Excutive Commitee. As of 2015, Petrellos total calculated compensation is estimated at $27,663,602 million.

Nabors Industries Ltd. founded in 1968, the company makes top drilling drives, directional drilling systems, equiment for rig instrumentation and for data collection. The company’s positive outcomes are High LCM tolorence and precise surveys to position calculation and gamma calibrated to API standards.

Lloyd Grove, Anthony Petrellos roommate, stated Petrello was a public school scholarship boy who was a math wiz. He always wrote proofs to arcane theorems on napkins in the cafeteria. He was a genius and a mathematician, Professor Serge Lang. Instead of doing work in the mathematical field he went to law school.

Marseille daughter was diagnosed with periventricular leukomacia, cause from a premature birth that led to lack of oxygen to the brain. Anthony Petrello and his wife donated $7 million to be used for neurolgical research after their daughter’s birth who developed cerebral palsy. Petrello then became devoted to finding the answers to why this happened.

Little research was behind why children like Carena couldn’t reach their full potential. Carena age eight after repetition she finally owns her own brain. Since birth she has fought to achieve developmental skills.

Sam Tabar is the Best Mind in Hedge Fund Management

Does legal qualification have anything to do with financial expertise? This seems absurd until you consider the resume of Sam Tabar. He is a lawyer whose knowledge and expertise in hedge fund management is arguably unparalleled.


Sam Tabar is a licensed attorney who practices law in New York State. He graduated with an MA and BA in law from Oxford University in 2000. He thereafter joined the Columbia Law School for his LLM where he also served as the Associate Editor of Columbia Law School.


In 2001, he became an associate at the prestigious Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom LLP. At Skadden, Sam Tabar counseled clients on the formation and structures of hedge funds, employment issues, private placement memoranda, regulatory and compliance issues, and investment management agreements.

He worked at Skadden until 2004 and then joined the Sparx Group PMA Investment Advisors and after a year’s time, he became its Managing Director and the co-head of Business Development. According to Bloomberg, in this position, Sam Tabar brought more than 2000 investors to the firm.

He is also credited for coming up with creating asset raising strategies and product development, generating assets to the tune of $ 1.2 billion.

As the Head of Capital Strategy for Merrill Lynch at the Bank of America, Tabar was instrumental in introducing fund managers to institutional investors such as pensions, family offices, endowments, foundations and funds of funds.

In 2013, Tabar went back to the legal field and became an associate at Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP, focusing his practice on hedge funds, regulatory and compliance issues and fund formation and structure. He later left the firm in 2014.

Investments and Personal Interests

As a capital strategist, Sam Tabar has made some significant investments in THINK, a star-up firm that focuses on empowering women in developing nations in Africa and Asian nations. Away from his jobs, Tabar is interested in traveling and hosting events. He is fluent in both spoken and written English and French.

According to Art Station, Sam Tabar has enjoyed an incredible career and gained extensive knowledge outside his legal profession. His knowledge and expertise, gained over the long span of his career makes Tabar an authority in matters to do with investments and particularly, hedge fund management.

Lori Senecal: An Adverting Guru

In the world of advertising, Lori Senecal is a force to reckon with. Through her hard work, Lori aligned herself to achieve success. She became the first female to hold the position of Global Chief Executive for CP+B. She assumed office in 2015, and she has been responsible for overseeing the growth and expansion of the Company.

Lori also manages the operation of all the nine international offices of the agency. Under her leadership, she has managed to take the Company to greater heights. She has fueled development and growth across the different sectors in the city. Advertising Age recognised the Company as the Creativity Innovators of the Year. Lori was also recognised as the four ‘Agency Executive to Watch in 2016.’

Before joining CP +B, Lori was the Chief Executive Officer and the Global Executive Chairman of the Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal+ partners. She joined KBS+ in 2012 as the President of the Company. KBS+ is part of the MDC Partner networks. For seven months, she was operating as the President and the Chief Operating Officer of the MDC Partner Network. She was responsible for creating a strategic vision for the network. Lori also worked with other agencies allied to the network and fuel growth across all the sectors.

While working for KBS+, she managed to grow the organisation from a 250 employee to 900 employees internationally. The company was recognised as the ‘Best Places to Work in New York City’ by Crain. Advertising Age also listed the company in the ‘Standout Agencies’ for three years consecutively. She resigned as the Chief Executive Officer of the KBS+ but served as the chairman until 2015.

Lori has served as the President of McCann at the New York office. Previously, she was the Global Chief Innovation Officer of McCann World group. She co-founded the McCann TAG Ideation. She has also worked for other companies among them Coca-Cola.

According to the NY Times, she has been recognized by different organizations for her leadership. In 2013, she honored with a Quantum Leap Award for Leadership and Innovation at the AWNY Game Changer Awards. Advertising Age named her as one of the Women to Watch in 2014. Lori is a member of the Ad Council Board of Directors.

In 2016, she was among the speakers at the 3% Conference. This is a conference that brings together and also supports women in leadership.

Lori holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Finance from McGill University.



Helane Morrison: Protecting The Public From Deceptive Business Practices

Helane Morrison has had a very meaningful life. One that’s full of achievements. The New York native holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University and a juris doctor from the law school at the University of California, Berkley. She has also served as editor-in-chief of the California Law review. After passing the California bar exam Morrison was a law clerk for an Appeals Court judge, Hon. Richard Posen, and a Supreme Court judge, Justice Harry Blackmun, from 1984 to 1986. She then began practicing law with Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, a respected San Francisco law firm. She was made a partner after 5 years and remained with the firm for 10 years.


In 1996 Morrison accepted the position as head of the Securities and Exchange Commission San Francisco office. After three years there she was promoted to regional director. Morrison was the first woman to hold that position. It put her in charge of training and enforcement for an area that included Northern California and 5 northwestern states. While in the position Morrison brought litigation against a number of crooked major corporations, investment brokers and financial advisors. She also pursued cases when senior citizens were defrauded and military personnel were sold fraudulent securities. Morrison left the SEC in 2007.


After leaving the SEC , Helane Morrison joined Hall Capital Partners as chief compliance officer and general counsel. One of California’s most successful investment companies, Hall Capital is run entirely by women. Within a short time Morrison had made such a significant impact that she was promoted to managing director. Her legal training and work with the SEC made her uniquely qualified for the position. Plus she loved the company’s diverse leadership culture. The position gave her the opportunity to help restore public confidence in investing in the financial markets after all the distrust caused by the crash of the financial markets.


Helane Morrison has achieved all of the major goals she has set for herself. She has a solid legal background, served the country’s judicial branch, made partner at a major law firm and protected the public, especially senior citizens, from the graft and greed of unscrupulous businesses and financial services professionals. In her current position with Hall Capital Partners she is helping the company to obey all relevant laws while protecting investors as she continues her fight against corruption in all areas of business.

Sam Tabar is Bringing Change to the Community through Innovative Charitable Initiatives

Sam Tabar is an internationally known authority in capital strategy, hedge fund management, and commercial litigation. He pursued his higher studies at some of the leading centers of academic excellence, including Columbia Law School and Oxford University. Upon earning his LLB with honors, Tabar landed a job at the Skadden Law Company. He was in charge of providing counsel to clients on investment management agreements, regulatory matters, hedge fund formation and management, and private placement memoranda.

Tabar joined SPARX Group/PMA Advisors back in 2014. After a short stint at PMA Advisors, he rose to the position of executive principal and deputy head of business development. He was assigned the role of managing the company’s global marketing plan. Later on, Merrill Lynch named him as the director and president of capital strategy. Tabar made a comeback in the legal arena back in 2013 after he secured a senior associate position at Schulte Roth, LLP. He offered advice on hedge fund structure and development as well as compliance issues.

Responsibilities of Tabar at FullCycle Energy

Tabar joined the leadership team of FullCycle Energy Fund in December 2015 as the COO. He took the responsibility of developing and managing the implementation of the firm’s fund management plan. He currently works with the management team to realize the company’s mission of adopting lower cost and eco-conscious fuels.

Charitable initiatives

Sam Tabar is a community leader who volunteers and sponsors innovative projects in the community. He seeks to enhance the participation of the financial sector in the community work. He funds a startup known as SheThinx, which develops and donates feminine hygiene products to school-going girls in Africa. His partnership with SheThinx indicates that Tabar is passionate about addressing social issues. Currently, SheThinx is designing a collection of trendy underwear that will meet the fashion preference of women in U.S. and across the world.

Social media

Sam Tabar has a large number of followers on both Twitter and Facebook. He loves to share current developments in the business sector with his followers on social media sites. Most of his Tweets and posts on Facebook are informative and financial-oriented.

Flavio Maluf: Brazilian Entrepreneur and Eucatex President

Eucatex Group History was dated from 1951 when Flavio Maluf’s grandfather founded it. It was the first company in Brazil to think about the future of the environment. The company cares about the acoustic comfort. It uses eucalyptus as the primary raw material for the production of panels and sheets. Unit Plates, the first Eucatex group Company, was inaugurated in 1954. For this reason, Eucatex commenced its activities producing soft sheets of wood and acoustic ceilings. The company also started manufacturing acoustic ceilings and thin sheets of fiber woods. The company’s business developed at a rapid rate to meet the projected needs of the future. Eucatex is the leading manufacturer of construction products in Brazil. In addition, the company also produces plates, doors, and foreign market investment. Eucatex, in 2010, inaugurated a new factory located in Salto City under the leadership of Flavio Maluf. The company also started another factory in Botucatu through its strategic plan.

Flavio Maluf, in addition to his responsibilities in Eucatex Group. Has taken part creating philanthropic activities. He has also volunteered to help support the low-income earners in the local community. Therefore, he collaborated with Lang Maternity Carli Hospital to support pregnant mothers.

Eucatex Company has two segments run under its jurisdiction. They include:

  • Furniture Industry – Eucatex is the largest producer of fiber wood plates, Tamburota, and MDP. They use advanced manufacturing technology to produce their goods. Eucalyptus wood is the main material used for production. Therefore, Eucatex is one of the best companies in Brazil.
  • Construction Industry – Eucatex produces modular partitions in this segment. They also produce doors, paints, and laminar floors.

Eucatex is recognized throughout Brazil because they provide eco-friendly products. For this reason, they have received various awards and certification such as the ISO 14001 and FSC Certification. The FSC Certification was granted to the company to prove that they are responsible for conserving the environment. This is denoted by their mechanisms for handling waste products and materials. The ISO 14001 certification demonstrates to the world that the company complies with the world-set standards to protect the environment. Therefore, the leadership of Flavio Maluf has brought benefit to Eucatex and its associates.