An Entertaining Glimpse Into The Home Life Of Kim Dao

In a video that was published in May, 2016, Australian blogger and video creator Kim Dao leads viewers on a tour of her former apartment in Japan. Although it may seem like a rather mundane subject, Kim Dao has a way of presenting information that makes virtually any subject interesting.


The apartment that is shown in the video was Kim Dao’s first apartment in Japan, and she lived there for four months. The apartment was very small, but Ms. Dao managed to neatly store a lot of possessions in a limited amount of space.


The tour of Kim Dao’s apartment provides a fairly thorough and entertaining glimpse into the environment she used to live in. It’s fun to see the creative ways this YouTube star stores various types of items, including utilizing vertical storage.


As Kim Dao shows you items such as her cooking spices, kitchen utensils, and counter space, it seems only natural to compare her kitchen area to one’s own cooking space.


The viewer of this video is also shown clear and detailed views of Kim Dao’s bathroom and bedroom. Even though she has a good amount of possessions on hand, these rooms almost make efficient use of available space.


With Kim Dao’s friendly manner, and the soothing acoustic guitar music that is included, this video was a pleasure to view.


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