A brief look at Brian Bonar and his Significant Accomplishments

Brian Bonar possesses a zeal for the design procedure and an immersion of detail which strengthens his approach. He plays the role of the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation. He has expertise in building and site design, contract administration, procurement and design development.

Bonar is well known as a specialist who desires to aid his team members, clients and project partners in attaining their objectives. His portfolio consists of aviation, multifamily housing, and retail commercial. He also possesses skills with various projects that have to do with education. Bonar possesses the skills and experience to be a crucial part of teams and projects while also creating relationships with clients.

Bonar was listed as the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year in Finance. This is an honor which is quite significant, and this is because just two females and males are selected in each discipline. The Cambridge Who’s Who committee for selection selected their honorees depending on their academic achievements, leadership ability and accomplishments.

PR Newswire believes that Bonar has been in charge of a massive selection of employer and employee benefits as well as products for aftermarket as the Chief Executive Officer and Company Chairman of Dalrada Financial. The Dalrada Financial Corporation offers customers employee programs of unique diversity which aids them in enhancing their business efficiency.

Some of these programs consist of risk management insurance, employee benefits as well as business management services. Brian Bonar also plays the role of the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Smart-Tek Automated Services Inc. Additionally, he also acts as the President of Allegiant Professional Business Service.

Bonar also plays the role of the Chief Executive Officer of an organization known as Imaging Technologies Corporation which is a foremost developer of digital imaging hardware and color management software. Businesses of small to medium sizes have been listed as the target market of Imaging Technologies Corporation by Bonar.

Bonar is looking forward to acquiring a professional employer organization known as Source one Group. The organization aids businesses of small and medium sizes with human resource assistance and parole.

Bonar attained a Masters degree from the Stafford University in Mechanical Engineering. He founded numerous enterprises has moved to the role of a business consultant. Brain Bonar’s expertise consists of the creation of innovative marketing and sales strategy, lead generation, and process improvement. He also has expertise in the development of new business, Merger, and acquisitions as well as a location of venture capital.

Bonar started his career as a procurement manager at IBM. His role included the outsourcing of motherboards for a numerous amount of the personal computers purchased and sold by the company. Bonar took the role as the Director of Engineering for QMS after he left IBM.