Daniel Taub Has Done An Excellent Job As Israel’s Ambassador To The United Kingdom

Daniel Taub is set to exit his duties as Ambassador of the State of Israel to the United Kingdom. He has done an extraordinary job as Ambassador, and many people will be missing him. Mr. Taub has ensured that relations between Israel and the United Kingdom are as good as they have been in a long time, or ever for that matter. He is very happy with the progress he has made over the four years he has served as Ambassador and feels like there was more progress made than he had even hoped for to begin with.

Daniel Taub has enjoyed many things during his time spent in the United Kingdom, but one his favorite pursuits has been reading. He especially appreciates reading books from his predecessors or other Jewish leaders, and one of his favorites was written by the former Ambassador of Israel to the U.K., Yehuda Avner. He has commented that he regrets not having visited the theater in London too much, but now that he is not working as much, he has been able to take his children to see the Theater and what it has to offer. He also mentioned, in passing, that Cadburys, which he enjoys in the U.k., is his favorite chocolate.

Many people know that Daniel Taub works quite a bit, and while this consumes a lot of his time, he has been able to converse with both foes and friends during his time as Ambassador. He fondly remembers meeting the Queen, which was the first notable person he met as Ambassador on his own time. He also recalls speaking in private to many detractors and others who didn’t agree with his worldviews. He warmly recalls that these meetings were some of the best, because he had the opportunity to form bonds and friendships with people that he might never have otherwise.

While Daniel Taub is Jewish, he did grow up in the U.K., but he moved to Israel during his younger years. He feels good about being able to serve as the Ambassador of Israel to the U.K., because he has great respect for both countries. It has been his pleasure to be able to strengthen the ties between the two countries he loves so much. He also has pointed out that he respects many of the cultural differences between the U.k. and Israel and that there are pros and cons to both cultures. Learn more: http://www.everipedia.com/editor/dtaub/




Securus Technologies steps up the fight against illegal cell phones in prison

Prisons throughout the country face a number of serious threats. None of these is more pressing that the problems associated with contraband cellular devices falling into the hands of organized gang members. The damage that gangs can do with a simple cell phone is a horrific reminder of why many of these dangerous criminals have been locked up in the first place.


Contraband cell phones can undermine the justice system itself


The most serious consequence of prison gangs getting hold of contraband cellular devices is the ability of these dangerous criminals to seriously undermine the entire process of the U.S. justice system. Throughout the last two decades, after the advent of effective, handheld cell phones, gang members have capitalized on the easy concealability and long range of these devices to enable them to intimidate witnesses, continue earning money from drug dealing while incarcerated and even order hits on police, guards, judges and their families.


One such case illustrates just how dangerous contraband cell phones can be, once they slip into the wrong hands. Robert Johnson was a prison guard working in one of Florida’s most notorious maximum-security housing units. As a member of the prison’s SERT team, he was tasked with raiding inmates’ cells and confiscating any contraband that was found.


On one particular raid, Johnson uncovered a package that contained an estimated $50,000 worth of drugs. These drugs would have certainly been sold within the prison itself, endangering the lives of inmates and officers as well as providing a dangerous prison gang with a large amount of illicit profits.


The intended recipient of the package found out that it was Johnson who was responsible for its confiscation. Using a contraband cell phone that had been smuggled into the prison through complicit guards, the leadership of the gang communicated with a soldier on the outside of prison. One morning, as Johnson was preparing himself for his shift, the soldier kicked in Johnson’s front door and stormed into his home, unloading six shots into Johnson’s torso.


Clinging to life for over a month, Johnson barely survived. After 23 surgeries and years of intense pain, he is slowly recovering from the near-death incident. Today, Johnson works as a consultant for the nation’s leading provider of prison communications and safety installations, Securus Technologies. He is travelling the country, raising awareness about Securus’ Wireless Containment System, which has the proven capability to detect and deny nearly 100 percent of all illicit cellular calls placed from within a prison’s walls.


The Wireless Containment System has completely transformed the prisons in which it is deployed, dropping the number of outgoing illegal phone calls to zero. This is a tremendous boost to the safety of prisons and society itself.


How Joe Arpaio Led To The Launch Of The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

The non-profit has an interesting story that led to its initial launch. Joe Arpaio, the then Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, arrested and held the two co-founders. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are media executives and co-founders of the fund. They run the Phoenix New Times and the sister publication the Village Voice Media. The co-founders used their media avenues to highlight discrimination, abuse of civil rights and financial malpractices at the local county office.

The journalists were subpoenaed to reveal the sources of their stories including reporter’s notes, which they went on to write about as well. Joe Arpaio arrested them in a move that was widely seen as a clampdown on their efforts exposing discriminative practices, mismanagement, and abuse of office. The county came under intense pressure to release the journalists, and they were set free the next day.

The reporters then sued Joe Arpaio as well as Maricopa County in 2007. The protracted court battle that ensued for more than ten years ended at the Ninth Circuit. The court advised in favor of the First Amendment. It ruled the subpoenas that started the whole case were not procedural. Consequently, the US Court Of Appeal awarded the journalists $3.7 million as the settlement to be paid by Maricopa County.

This came as a huge blow to Joe Arpaio and his supporters, especially in the 2014-midterm elections. The funds were used to establish the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund, a non-profit that supports human and civil rights as well as migrant rights. It supports organizations promoting civil rights in Arizona and fighting abuses such as racial profiling and discrimination with a strong focus on the Hispanic community in the state.

Jim Larkin reiterates that he grew up in a giving society and is proud to contribute back in the same spirit. The organization works with groups with an active presence in the state and advocating for aligned causes. It is dedicated to protecting migrant rights in the state through multiple direct initiatives. It donates to organizations such as the Colibri Center for Human Rights, Promise Arizona, Raul Castro Institute and American Immigration Council among others.

In like manner, the two journalists are passionate about defending their rights under the First Amendment. They undertake numerous investigative assignments fearlessly. The journals have also adopted a bold approach to reporting, features, and reviews. The two media executives work in close collaboration with Michael Lacey heading the production and technical aspects of the business, while Jim Larkin takes care of advertising and circulation.


Lacey and Larkin and the Start of Rising Star

Journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, two long-time business partners, are the responsible creators of Rising Star, a news outlet website. The Rising Star was launched several months ago and is the most recent addition to several previous news outlets established by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The journalist duo has previous works included Village Voice Media, Frontpage Confidential, and Phoenix New Ties.


Rising Star is a gateway to getting back into it as Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin had previously taken a step away from journalism. They had instead decided to put their focus on the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. Being a representation of what both Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin wanted to achieve from their careers, they both felt that the organization deserved all effort they had to offer, which lead to the decision to temporarily put their journalism on hold until they felt like getting back into it.


The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was able to operate because of the large settlement that came from the court case Melendres v. Arpaio. The case that ended a criminal’s career in law enforcement provided the means for establishing an organization to pick up the pieces of the lives that were destroyed by Joe Arpaio during his 23 years as Sheriff of the Maricopa County.


Joe Arpaio would be serving a sentence in prison right now if it wasn’t for the timely pardon send from Donald Trump that impeded the judge from sentencing Arpaio to at least a decade in prison. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are openly outraged at the ack of humanity in the whole ordeal, but that will only make them work harder toward bringing down criminals in the hig=est of places that feel themselves to be above the law and human decency.