Sam Tabar is Bringing Change to the Community through Innovative Charitable Initiatives

Sam Tabar is an internationally known authority in capital strategy, hedge fund management, and commercial litigation. He pursued his higher studies at some of the leading centers of academic excellence, including Columbia Law School and Oxford University. Upon earning his LLB with honors, Tabar landed a job at the Skadden Law Company. He was in charge of providing counsel to clients on investment management agreements, regulatory matters, hedge fund formation and management, and private placement memoranda.

Tabar joined SPARX Group/PMA Advisors back in 2014. After a short stint at PMA Advisors, he rose to the position of executive principal and deputy head of business development. He was assigned the role of managing the company’s global marketing plan. Later on, Merrill Lynch named him as the director and president of capital strategy. Tabar made a comeback in the legal arena back in 2013 after he secured a senior associate position at Schulte Roth, LLP. He offered advice on hedge fund structure and development as well as compliance issues.

Responsibilities of Tabar at FullCycle Energy

Tabar joined the leadership team of FullCycle Energy Fund in December 2015 as the COO. He took the responsibility of developing and managing the implementation of the firm’s fund management plan. He currently works with the management team to realize the company’s mission of adopting lower cost and eco-conscious fuels.

Charitable initiatives

Sam Tabar is a community leader who volunteers and sponsors innovative projects in the community. He seeks to enhance the participation of the financial sector in the community work. He funds a startup known as SheThinx, which develops and donates feminine hygiene products to school-going girls in Africa. His partnership with SheThinx indicates that Tabar is passionate about addressing social issues. Currently, SheThinx is designing a collection of trendy underwear that will meet the fashion preference of women in U.S. and across the world.

Social media

Sam Tabar has a large number of followers on both Twitter and Facebook. He loves to share current developments in the business sector with his followers on social media sites. Most of his Tweets and posts on Facebook are informative and financial-oriented.

Flavio Maluf: Brazilian Entrepreneur and Eucatex President

Eucatex Group History was dated from 1951 when Flavio Maluf’s grandfather founded it. It was the first company in Brazil to think about the future of the environment. The company cares about the acoustic comfort. It uses eucalyptus as the primary raw material for the production of panels and sheets. Unit Plates, the first Eucatex group Company, was inaugurated in 1954. For this reason, Eucatex commenced its activities producing soft sheets of wood and acoustic ceilings. The company also started manufacturing acoustic ceilings and thin sheets of fiber woods. The company’s business developed at a rapid rate to meet the projected needs of the future. Eucatex is the leading manufacturer of construction products in Brazil. In addition, the company also produces plates, doors, and foreign market investment. Eucatex, in 2010, inaugurated a new factory located in Salto City under the leadership of Flavio Maluf. The company also started another factory in Botucatu through its strategic plan.

Flavio Maluf, in addition to his responsibilities in Eucatex Group. Has taken part creating philanthropic activities. He has also volunteered to help support the low-income earners in the local community. Therefore, he collaborated with Lang Maternity Carli Hospital to support pregnant mothers.

Eucatex Company has two segments run under its jurisdiction. They include:

  • Furniture Industry – Eucatex is the largest producer of fiber wood plates, Tamburota, and MDP. They use advanced manufacturing technology to produce their goods. Eucalyptus wood is the main material used for production. Therefore, Eucatex is one of the best companies in Brazil.
  • Construction Industry – Eucatex produces modular partitions in this segment. They also produce doors, paints, and laminar floors.

Eucatex is recognized throughout Brazil because they provide eco-friendly products. For this reason, they have received various awards and certification such as the ISO 14001 and FSC Certification. The FSC Certification was granted to the company to prove that they are responsible for conserving the environment. This is denoted by their mechanisms for handling waste products and materials. The ISO 14001 certification demonstrates to the world that the company complies with the world-set standards to protect the environment. Therefore, the leadership of Flavio Maluf has brought benefit to Eucatex and its associates.

Financial and Property Investment Industry Making Tremendous Growth in the Recent Years

Highland Capital Management is a financial and property investment company that has been in existence for a long time. The firm was established in 1993 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas united states of America. Learn more about Highland Capital Management:

The firm has grown over the years and increased in capacity reaching a net worth of over $17billion of assets and properties under its management. As such, this has been the driving force behind the success of the company where it has also employed professional team players.

The company has diversified and provides services in distinct fields and have subsequently categorized clients into segments for efficient service delivery. The company has invested in High Yield Credit that has been the center to financial growth since 1993. Here, the company ensure clients are able to access to corporate high yield corporate credit market and leverage loans.

As a result, the company is able to understand and gauge the financial situation of the client before applying for any given loan with the value of the said collateral. Before allocating financial support to investors, the firm applies risk management process in ensuring they maximize on the output of the capital investment.

According to Bloomberg, Highland Capital Management has also invested in collateral loan obligation where they have invested in structured products. The have partnered with Highland Capital Management where they have invested in secured corporate bank loans. Through this partnership, the company is able to maximize on profit generation making it increase its spectrum to beat other investment firms globally.

As such, this has culminated in the company controlling over $11billion in collateral loan obligation for corporate institutions. Highland has invested in long-term and short term equity. Through this process, the company has been able to focus on risk management and analysis that has been instrumental for many companies that are establishing.

As such, the company has proved to be among one of the most formidable force to recon with in the investment industry. Due to its continued growth, recently the company employed Linda Owen as charitable giving manager. She now heads the ever expanding philanthropic arm of the company that has impacted positively people in the society.

Best Hair

Everyone loves having shiny, healthy, and full hair. Who doesn’t like to walk into a store and have everyone looking at their beautiful locks? People spend so much money on hair products, hoping to find the right product for their hair. There are so many hair care product options in stores these days. Most consumers report having difficulty knowing which product is the best to gain healthy hair. A very popular and unique product is cleansing conditioners.

These products have hit the market and have become very popular among women and men. A cleansing conditioner is a formula that has mild cleansing agents in them and no lathering when washing ones hair. These formula’s are less harsh than shampoos that contain detergents in them. Detergents can make your hair dry, flaky, and brittle. Some cleansing conditioners can be used daily others need to be used about once a week for best results. Cleansing conditioners help strengthen hair, doesn’t foam, and is an all in one product. Most people that try cleansing products continue to use them as part of their hair routine.

Follow Wen by Chaz @wenhaircare

The first cleansing conditioner, Wen was introduced by Chaz Dean, Los Angeles hair stylist. Wen products are excellent cleansing conditioners due to the lack of harsh chemicals. Wen products works on all types of hair types; including curly, thick, and thin hair. Wen conditioners have 5 products in one, including shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave in conditioner. The Wen products come in pomegranate, lavender, and sweet almond and mint formula. These formulas help moisturize and shine one’s hair.

Wen products leave your hair healthy looking due to the natural ingredients and herbs. Clients that use Wen products report less frizz and damage in their hair. Wen products are made in the United States, safe, and are never tested on animals. Wen products are also safe on color treated hair. Wen products are worth a try because if you are not happy, you can return the product for up to 60 days after your purchase date. Wen products are very popular and are highly rated by consumers.