Andy Wirth, CEO Extraordinary

As CEO of Squaw Valley Ski, Andrew “Andy” Wirth has over 24 years of sales and marketing experience and has earned multiple service and professional awards. Mr. Wirth is spearheading a project to combine the experience of Alpine and Squaw Valley via a gondola connecting the resorts. Wirth has headed a 70 million dollar upgrade to Squaw Valley in hopes of making the resort a more desirable winter vacation locale. He has recently been appointed as the chairman of Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board.

Mr. Wirth was born in West Germany and attended Edinburgh University and then received a Bachelor of Science from Colorado State University. He worked as a back country ranger for the Rocky Mountain National Parks and was a wilderness ranger in the San Pedro Parks Wilderness Area. Squaw Vally and Alpine Meadows, where Mr. Wirth is president, were featured on an episode of Undercover Boss where Wirth goes undercover in both resorts. As well as working tirelessly to promote and make these resorts among the top tourist destinations in the world, Mr. Wirth is a major contributor to environmental and community service in the Lake Tahoe area.

Mr. Wirth sang “Just Breathe”, a Pearl Jam favorite of he and his wife’s to himself to get him through the next minutes where he was able to be located by another skydiver. After recovering he co-founded an Ironman team called “Wounded Warriors Support” which honors Navy SEALs by supporting special operations team members and their families after they return home.

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Malini Saba the Passionate Entrepreneur

Malini Saba is a one of the world renowned investor and a philanthropist full of ambitions and passion for success in every area. She has influenced the world of business in the US and abroad in a way that has left many people enumerating her work to achieve the best in investments and other activities.

 Malini has emerged to be one of the most powerful businesswomen across the world. Currently, she is the chairman and the founder of Saban Company which had and still retains varied investments interests in the whole world such as technology companies in the Unites States, real estates in Australia and India, as well as Oil and gas in China. Malini has been sharing her knowledge with the society through engaging in innovative ideas that have enabled her to be rated among the members of the business elite. In 2001, she started a nonprofit organization “Stree: Global Investments in Women,” with the goal to change the way low-income and worldwide children at risk see themselves and their roles in the society.

In 2004 on her tour to Tsunami affected areas in India and Sri Lanka, she pledged to donate $ 10 Million to help the victims of the tragedy in the island. In 2005, Malini Saba gave a donation of $ 1 million to start the world’s first heart research centers for South Asians at El Camino Hospital, Mountain View, CA. Her career began when she was a capitalist in a Silicon Valley Venture in the 1990s, where she gained an extensive experience investing in more than twenty technology companies. These companies include; PayPal Inc, Sycamore Networks, and Net Screen Technologies.

She believes in balancing her career and family to make sure that everything gets its set time accordingly. She is not afraid of taking risks, and when she discovers an opportunity, she exploits it fully to get the best out of it. All through her career life as an entrepreneur, Malini believes that every step that she has taken has made her more knowledgeable, a better business person, and a better boss. According to her, every process is a lesson which prepares you for the next step.