Leading By Example: Dr. Jennifer L. Walden

What do you get when you combine a media commentator, combine a plastic surgeon, combine a philanthropist and combine an author into one figure? The answer is very simple because what you’ll get is actual excellence. Excellence and Dr. Jennifer Walden goes hand-to-hand. This extraordinary plastic surgeon is highly accomplished as well as highly sought-after. Dr. Walden has grown into a mega success thanks to her extensive background in medical aesthetics. The Texas-born beauty has helped to revolutionize the game in a number of ways. Dr. Walden just so happens to be one of a few women who serve on the Board of Directors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Yes, this is very true, but keep reading for even more insight.

Being the Commissioner of Communications for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery isn’t easy, but Dr. Walden holds-down this position perfectly. This position requires being the overseer of all communications-related activities. To add some insult to injury, Dr. Walden was named as the Secretary for the Board of Directors’ Executive Committee. As you can see, this woman has a full-time schedule. She is very cognizant of every person’s background whether it’s race, culture or ethnicity. This gives her a much understanding of providing the best possible treatments for the person in question. There is no time for guessing in this dynamic field. Dr. Walden also serves as a spokesperson for a variety of medical-aesthetics companies like SmartGraph, Cynosure, Thermi Aesthetics and Lumenis.

Travelling around to different locations is something that she enjoys even though it’s for business purposes. Dr. Walden provides medical-related lectures at national conferences, which covers a huge selection of medical-aesthetics services. Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of a kind, and her extensive list of satisfied customers/clients can truly attest to all claims. With that being said, you are now in the presence of greatness.

Fortress Investment Group Principal Peter Briger Gives Back

There are thousands of billionaires in the world with many different types of personalities. Some are philanthropic, like Peter Briger and some are not. Thankfully, Fortress Investment Group Principal Peter Briger gives back.

Fortress of Strength

Symbols are very important. They demonstrate what you care about and what your focus is. When Peter Briger Jr. joined the Fortress Investment Group, he knew that this was a powerhouse – it was a Fortress of Capital. It turned out to be the first hedge fund to go public.The terms “Fortress” and “Castle” have been used for this business model. People have turned to the Fortress Investment Group to give them the strength to achieve their business goals. In many ways it is replicating the traditional investment bank functions.And, that should be second nature for Mr. Peter Briger. Why? Because, he used to work with what used to be an investment bank, Goldman Sachs.As the founders of Fortress built up their hedge fund, they realized they needed some more executives with powerful connections. So, Randal Nardone and the other co-founders turned to Peter Briger. He gave them an outside perspective and valuable connections to capital.Now, Peter Briger has joined the club of billionaires. According to Forbes Peter Briger was ranked #968 on the 2008 “Billionaire’s List.” How has he parlayed his good fortune to benefit the world?

Princeton Entrepreneur Program

Where can you find intelligent men and women to start small businesses? How about college? Are there any good Ivy League colleges out there?Billionaire Peter Briger Jr. invested into a fund to help Princeton alumni with starting their own businesses. This not only provided $100,000 in matching funds, but also much-needed mentorship. Peter Briger wants to help enterprising men and women from making the most common startup mistakes.Princeton graduates are likely to have very good ideas, but lack specific knowledge about starting a business. With help, they can learn how to properly apply for capital. Then, they can optimize their usage of scarce funds.There are many requirements for venture capital. It can be very easy to make a serious mistake and lose control over your business. The Princeton Alumni Fund can make sure that all parties are properly compensated.Some billionaires do not give back. But, Peter Briger is not one of them. Mr. Briger gives back in order to create the next group of billionaires.

Fagali’i Airport Makes Sense for Travelers

If you are considering a trip to the Independent State of Samoa (and with the perfect climate, beautiful landscape, welcoming locals and top-tier resorts who could blame you) then you should highly consider flying into Fagali’i airport. Throughout its history Fagali’i airport has undergone a lot of renovation but the most recent renovation, which occurred during 2009, opened the airport back up to international flights to the American Samoa and many other locations across the globe. Often overlooked for other regional airports, the Fagali’i airport is unmatched in affordability and location. Whether you’re on business or simply in the Samoa for a relaxing vacation, the Fagali’i airport provides travelers with an option so good it’s difficult to pass up.

The reopening of the Fagali’i airport has been huge for international travelers as the location of the airport puts incoming fliers close to all of the popular destinations. In fact, according to Expedia there are at least ten hotels located within just two miles of the airport which makes for less of your vacation time spent commuting, and more time relaxing. Additionally, it is located next to the four and a half star Taumesina Island Resort which has won over hundreds of customers with their scenic views and crystal clear pools. For so many travelers the most hectic part of the trip can be getting to and from the airport, but the Fagali’i airport gets rid of the worry and allows you to fly within practically walking distance of your hotel.

Today there are four airlines that operate out of the Fagali’i airport: Polynesian Air, Samoa Air, South Pacific Island Airways, and Talofa Airways all of which offer flights to different locales and all of which are reasonably affordable for a traveler on a budget. These four airlines allow travelers to compare prices and to find a flight time that works best for them, ensuring you get the best possible value for your purchase. So before you book that next vacation to Samoa remember the Fagali’i airport which is small enough to offer top-rate customer service but large enough to get you to and from your destination without the hassle.

Bob Reina: You Owe It To Yourself

You owe it to yourself to do something with your life. After all, you want to leave behind something that is going to inspire your children and your grandchildren and their children. With only one chance at life, it is important to make the most out of it every single day. There are no days off until they have been earned. This might sound strict, and it might sound tough, but it is the way of the world these days. It is important to know what matters and what is a waste of time. When someone figures that out, which is an important piece, they start to see life with in a whole new light.


However, they can’t settle and they can’t take it easy. There will be time for that down the line and later in life. At the moment, it is important to go for after what you want and not what anyone else wants. That is where people get tangled up and confused with their lives. Other people have told them what they should be doing and they have been listening to people for so long, they start to believe them. They should know better and they should follow their gut. Someone’s gut is rarely wrong. It has a high success rate, as a matter of fact. Learn more: https://www.businessforhome.org/2011/11/bob-reina-ceo-talk-fusion-interview/


Bob Reina knows this as throughout his life, people have told him what he should be doing and what is best for him. Good thing for him, he didn’t listen to them. He listened to himself, as he knew he had the answers right in front of him and right in his gut. He knew what the right path was for his life was as a police officer and now as the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion. All of it was what he wanted to do, and he did it.


He is proud of that fact, as he should be, which is why he goes out of his way to tell people to follow their dreams, pursue them, and to not let anything get in their way. He wants people to look up to him and use him as a role model for what can be done in life when you block out what other people think or say. It’s OK to listen to their advice and take it into consideration, but you have the final say in your life.




Mike Baur- Tech entrepreneur from Switzerland

Mike Baur is one of the people who is dedicated to supporting the startup’s industry in Switzerland. While people in other countries are trying to figure out what is driving the technology industry in Switzerland, the country keeps on rising. Switzerland, unlike other countries, was not affected adversely by the economic recession that recently happened. In fact, the country was developing as other were feeling the heat from the slow economic growth. The secret to Switzerland’s success that many people may not be aware of lies in its ability to tap into new ideas which come through as startups.


The startup industry in the country is doing way better than other countries in the regions. Switzerland has excelled because it has concentrated on mentoring the talents and new ideas which bring new ideas to the market. Startups do not follow what the big corporations are doing. They usually come up with original ideas which offer alternative means of doing things. Startups must distinguish themselves from main corporations, or they won’t succeed. Big corporations have the manpower and financial muscles to tilt sales in their favor. Any startup that hopes to succeed must come up with new brilliant ideas that will convince consumers to stop taking products from the big companies. It is upon the startup owners to ensure that they plan their business so well that they won’t be affected by the big corporations.


Startups have many benefits that they offer to the people. One, they encourage other people who might have ideas but are reluctant to try them out to go ahead and do so. Successful startups inspire more people to seek financial freedom through unique business ideas. Startups also create alternatives for the people. It is possible for one to get customized services or products through startups than with the big corporations. Startups tend to address the needs of the people way better than the international companies.


Mike Baur, a tech entrepreneur in the country, is one of the people who has significantly assisted entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas to implement them. He has a company known as Swiss Startup Factory which mentors and trains people who have brilliant ideas but would like to gain more knowledge on the financial management of a business. Having a business idea and implementing it successfully are two different things. Mike Baur is offering an opportunity to the young entrepreneurs to grow their ideas into profit-making businesses.


Rocketship Education Is A True Pioneer In Education

Rocketship Education is considered a pioneer in education. The name rocket signifies the need to take off and grow. Due to these exceptional schools that is exactly what is happening. Rocketship Education consists of an entire network of public schools. The schools teach grades Kindergarten through fifth. These schools were created to serve mainly neighborhoods with low income students. These kids did not have access to attend any excellent schools.

Rocketship Education combines individual tutoring, new technology and traditional instruction to ensure the specific needs of every student is addressed. They believe an excellent school has the ability to do so much more than educate the students. They believe parents should be engaged, teachers empowered and the communities inspired. Rocketship Education saw the gap in achievement. They have made it their mission to eliminate this gap within their lifetime. These schools were created in 2006 and are continuously innovating and reworking the concept of elementary school.

Rocketship Education continues their rapid expansion. Every year they have opened one to three new schools. They expanded to Nashville during the fall of 2014. They have since received the necessary approval to open more new schools in Indianapolis, DC, Washington, Memphis and New Orleans, Rocketship Education was serving in excess of 25,000 lower income students by 2017 for an astounding impact.

A combination of thirty Analyst and Graduate School Fellows have played an incredibly important role in the operations and expansion of the Rocketship Education expansion since 2008. They have made many important contributions to the schools. As time has passed they have developed new curriculum necessary for programs to provide training for teachers and principles with aspirations for leadership. This has given the schools a strong pipeline for leadership talent within the schools.

Rocketship Education has led yearly planning throughout their network. They have created dashboards for organizational performance to make certain their executive team has the data required to make the decisions that affect the learning of the students. Their projections for the budget regarding the fiscal year came from analyzing the most critical of data and cash flow modeling. This enabled them to make recommendations for the network so even more communities could be served.

NewsWatch TV Consumer Electronic Review for Avanca

Avanca, an award-winning developer of mobile accessories, had reached out to NewsWatch TV to help promote their recent Indiegogo campaign. The crowdfunding campaign was for the innovative company’s brand new lightweight Ockel Sirius B Windows 10 powered pocket PC device. Avanca’s initial goal started at $10,000 and was set for a 30-day period at Indiegogo. If Avanca cannot raise enough funding to complete their goal within that deadline, they will go home empty-handed and the money will be returned to those that contributed.


NewsWatch TV’s promotion for Avanca involved a professionally made TV segment that they had aired on their program. More than 96 million homes across the U.S. had viewed their promotional segment and it also reached to over two hundred major U.S. Markets. NewsWatch’s online campaign accumulated over a million impressions. The campaign had successfully ended with a total amount of $456,551 raised over their set goal. Nathalie van Wijkvliet, who currently serves as the chief marketing officer of Avanca, stated on behalf of her company that they highly recommend working with the NewsWatch TV crew. Highly satisfied with their results, Avanca chose to hire NewsWatch TV again for more promotional work.


NewsWatch TV’s award-winning show features a variety of segments that showcase up-and-coming tech devices, breaking news, mobile app reviews, celebrity interviews, sponsored home electronic reviews and many other consumer related news reports. The show is hosted once a week by Andrew Tropeano and Susan Bridges with Michelle Ison as their co-host.


The program made their television debut in March 1990 and is now broadcasted on the AMC Network, local stations ION Television and their affiliates. NewsWatch TV have since switched their original format that primarily contained financial related news during their early years. They have aired over 1,200 episodes and have maintained a strong social media presence.


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Academy of Art University: Passion, Consistency & Excellence

The Academy of Art University was established back in 1929, and it has produced a large abundance of work that spans for multiple genres. Its motto, “built by artists that’s for artists,” rings true on all levels because it has given the world some of the best work in film, design and fashion. Every year in September, this affluent institution represents itself at one of the fashion industry’s biggest meccas. New York Fashion Week is the cream-of-the-crop, especially when it comes to fashion. For 2017, Academy of Art University put on another great showing by displaying five womenswear lines, two collaborations and two menswear lines. This marks the school’s 21st straight appearance under the bright lights of the big city.

Talented designers from all over the globe make their appearances for all things that’s new in fashion. Academy of Art University represented itself with 10 of its BFA and MFA graduates. Some of the hottest and most futuristic attire was on full-display for the world to see. This includes industry-insiders, celebrities and the general public. Ms. J. Alexander from “America’s Next Top Model” was spotted in the attendance for one of the shows, but there were plenty more high-profile candidates scattered amongst the crowd. Of course, this was another great showing by this extraordinary school and that’s a fact. Academy of Art University’s Hailun Zhou, Dina Marie Lam and Carlos Rodriguez were just a few of the former graduates that blessed this grand event.

Located in San Francisco, California, this for-profit school has a beautiful urban-campus. New Montgomery Street is the main thoroughfare that provides the best view of the school’s hallowed grounds. This is the school that is truly designed to prepare aspiring professionals for the fields of design, the arts, and communications.

Academy of Art University is said to be one of the largest privately owned art and design schools in America. In the city of San Francisco, this school is also said to be one of the largest property owners. In the end, passion, consistency and excellence personifies the Academy of Art University to the highest degree.

Fabletics Compares to Amazon with Kate Hudson as the Spokesperson

On an afternoon when stars were gathering at the Beverly Hills Hotel, it was unsuspected that it would be the debut of Kate Hudson’s collaboration with Fabletics. The actress was as close to famous as many up-and-coming actresses could be was a mother named Goldie Hawn and several movies to her credit. Still, being the spokesperson for Fabletics was a very new type of venture for Kate Hudson.


Fabletics grew 644% in 2017. Fabletics continues using its recipe for success and it is contending with the growth of the retail giant, Amazon. Amazon had double-digit growth for the past ten years. Now, it has achieved more than $100 billion in sales annually. While Amazon sales thousands of categories of products and Fabletics sells only one, by comparing sales to size, Fabletics is definitely a contender.


Kate Hudson serves as both the spokesperson and the face of Fabletics, the athleisure company taking the world by storm. Today, Fabletics has risen to be a $250 million ecommerce and brick-and-mortar retailer. Using their unique subscription model, Fabletics customers join and pay a small fee monthly. When the customer purchases item, the membership fee is applied toward the purchase. In return for membership. The customer receives discounts and customized recommendations suitable to their taste, activities and sizing.


Kate Hudson and the Fabletics team including the co-founders, Don Ressler and Adam Goldberg chose to fill an obvious void in the market when they began the company in 2013. There were no athletic-leisure companies consistently making stylish colorful ensembles for women. The choices only consisted on neutral overpriced items. Fabletics took the industry by storm when it introduced stylish, colorful mix and match items that were reasonably priced. Plus, if you ordered something occasionally from Fabletics you could qualify for discounts.


Kate continues to review Fabletics’ social media marketing and its budget. She continues to have a hand in the design of the line’s pieces. As a hand-on participant in the company, she is very aware of what is selling and what is not. She has played a serious role in the success of Fabletics from being different perspectives.


Fabletics is successful because of several right moves it has made. Number one, it chose an excellent industry to dominate. Number two, it chose the right co-founder and collaborator in Kate Hudson. Number three, it selected the best marketing platform (similar to Amazon’s ecommerce site), one that persisted when the traditional retail store concept was dying a natural death.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Women Empowerment Inspired by Dr. Jennifer Walden

As much as the inner beauty is all that matters, having a physical appearance that we are complacent with boosts our self-esteem. However, many of us are hesitant about undergoing cosmetic surgeries. Dr. Walden, an expert in cosmetic surgery, advise her patients to drop their fears and achieve their desired look.Most individuals are afraid of undergoing the process because of the history of the failed surgeries they have heard. Fortunately for Austin’s occupants, Dr. Walden has an experience of almost a decade now in the field.

Dr. Walden understands the struggles that her patients go through during the surgeries. This is why she takes her time to counsel her patients before and after the surgeries. Research shows that patients who are relaxed and optimistic heal faster compared to scared patients. Dr. Walden’s patients also say that after the surgery, the nurses call their homes to inquire about their progress.Dr. Walden was initially based in New York. However, being a single mum, she wanted to have her family and friends close to her babies. She, therefore, moved back to Texas. She says that she thought Austin being full of conservative individuals, finding clients would be hard.

Contrary to her expectations by the time she landed in Austin, she had two appointments.One of her childhood friends who is a stay home mum was a qualified candidate for breast augmentation but was always afraid. She finally underwent the process successfully. Later, she was so excited that she went praising the cosmetic surgery and encouraging others who needed it. Dr. Walden says that although being a female cosmetic surgeon has challenges, there are also pros. What motivates her every day in her job is knowing that she is empowering women by boosting their confidence and their self-esteem by helping them achieve their desired look.